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Łódź wants to re-detonate - another revitalization announced

13 of April '22

Łódź again wants to re-detonate a part of the city. After the announcement of the revitalization of the Old Market, the time has come for Schiller Passage. What will change in this part of the city?

looking for a solution

SchillerPassage was for a long time an example of what used to be called concretization - a space effectively devoid of any attractiveness for residents. For several years now, one can see how concrete revitalizations of squares, streets and squares are being treated with increasing ostracism. Cube and poured concrete have certainly gone out of fashion.

Changes in Schiller Passage

This is the challenge faced again by the Lodz municipality, which announces another revitalization of spaces in the city center. Some time ago, work began on the Old Market(See here). Pasaż Schillera is a space located in the heart of the city, directly on Piotrkowska Street. Attempts to revitalize this space have been going on for years. Street art or mapping shows have been organized here. Now the time has come for a comprehensive reconstruction and reorganization of Schiller Passage.

pasaż Schillera po zmianach ma być przestrzenią przyjazną mieszkańcom

Schiller Passage after the changes is to be a resident-friendly space

© Press materials of the City Hall of Lodz

green and change

What changes await the Schiller Passage? First of all, stripping the concrete in much of this space and planting more than fifty trees. Trees, as experts point out, are not everything(See here), which is why shrubs, perennials and flower beds are appearing alongside the trees. In the design process, it was important to distinguish between sunny and shady areas.

Equally important will be the flower beds, which are laid out in two color tones depending on the season. Most of the flowers are expected to bloom in white, and in autumn transition to brown and red.

W końcu wewnątrz pasażu królować będzie zieleń

Finally, inside the walkway, green will reign supreme

© Press materials of the City Hall of Lodz

When will the reconstruction begin? It all depends on the progress of the works. We still have to wait for the final assessment of the project.

Another important project in the revitalization of the center of Lodz is ahead of us. Interested companies could submit bids until March 25. Then the bidders will be invited to participate. The one that offers the lowest amount for the implementation of this investment will win. We plan that construction work will begin in late summer and will last 12 months," says Agnieszka Kowalewska-Wójcik, director of the Board of City Investments in Lodz.

changes in lodz

Łódź has been struggling with the problems of economic change for years. The industrial model of development, which was the main factor of expansion for the city, was not ready to be maintained. The adaptation processes in Lodz primarily show efforts to change the economic model, which can also be seen in architectural modernizations. We wrote about these efforts in an issue of Architecture & Business devoted to Lodz and its post-industrial regeneration.

pracę mają potrwać dwanaście mięsięcy i zostać zakończone w 2023 roku

The work is expected to take twelve months and be completed in 2023

© Press materials of the City Hall of Lodz

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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