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How does low-carbon construction contribute to reducing the carbon footprint?

06 of May '24

Low-carbon construction is one of the most important trends in the construction industry, aiming to significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Its main goal is to design, construct and operate buildings in a way that minimizes energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In an era of climate change, this innovative concept is helping to create a more sustainable and greener future.

As a manufacturer of Burmatex® carpets, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and ensuring that we continuously innovate in ways that improve our performance.

By implementingeco2matters®, a new business culture, we are embarking on a new path, ensuring a better and more transparent future for our customers and employees, as well as for future generations. eco2matters® is our commitment to focus on the goal of having the right business model, a conscious style of trading responsibly and enabling us to achieve Net Zero in a sustainable way.

Our sustainability goal is to achieve Net Zero by continuously removing the carbon footprint from our products and manufacturing processes.

That's why we have introduced recycled yarns with a negative carbon footprint into the production of our carpets which is the largest single source of carbon dioxide in a carpet tile.

Yarn with negative carbon footprint is a breakthrough invention and directly eliminates carbon dioxide in the production process and further compensates and balances the remaining carbon footprint in the carpet tile at the source.

Another important aspect is the backing. At Burmatex®, we use our low-carbonBioBase® backing system, made from locally recycled organic materials. It contains recycled industrial waste previously destined for landfill. Combined with 100% organic, non-vinyl and polymeric binders and fillers, BioBase® contains a minimum of 77% recycled materials.

All of our carpet tile products use this BioBase™ recycled backing system. In addition to being low-carbon, this innovative underlayment system ensures that all of our products achieve a Class 33, Bfl-s1 rating for fire safety, and allows us to offer a 15-year warranty as standard.

Our operations have an impact on the environment, so 100% of our electricity comes from certified renewable sources. We continue to make significant progress in reducing waste through Project Zero Waste. By combining these innovations with our improvements in energy and waste management, we are now able to produce carbon-neutral products. The result of such an ideal solution can be seen in one of our arctic® structural carpets created from Universal Thrive® matter yarn, made in Poland, and our unique BioBase backing.

It features the world's first CO₂-negative polyamide fiber. This means that it absorbs more CO₂ from the atmosphere than it emits, and is the most carbon negative dyed polyamide. Its production leaves the smallest carbon footprint thanks to its 90% recycled content. Independent certification confirms that for every kilogram produced, there are 1.45 kg of embedded CO₂ emissions.

We've brought this already low value below zero by partnering with on global forest conservation and reforestation projects.

wykładzina Arctic coastal mist

Arctic coastal mist lining

© Burmatex

The design idea for arctic® carpet tiles was based on the changing landscape of the Arctic. Organic lines cutting through ice rock, cold water flowing down frozen mountains and ribbons of glacial rivers inspired a sense of movement in the tile design. The subdued palette consists of 12 colors based on the natural elements of the diverse corners of the Arctic: icy blues and cool grays among delicate and as subtle warm tones, with sea green tones that further enhance the collection.

Arctic® is available as tiles and carpet panels.

We encourage you to learn more about all our carpets at

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