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New issue of the student magazine "Format E1"

05 of May '20

"Format E1" is a magazine of students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology. The third issue has just been published, the theme of which is travel. In the current situation, this theme takes on a new meaning.

"Format E1" has been published since May 2019. Three issues have been published so far, including the latest one, published for the first time in a digital version.

Architecture and urban planning through the eyes of students

The magazine has a popular science character. It is written by students from both the Faculty of Architecture at the Wroclaw University of Technology and other universities in Poland. Previous issues have also featured foreign authors from Lviv Polytechnic, Milan Polytechnic and Tetovo State University, among others.
Architecture and urban planning are very broad areas of knowledge. So the writers differ in their views, interests, but in each issue this diversity is bound together by a leitmotif. This is an excellent opportunity to present their passions and knowledge, as well as to try to face their first scientific articles.

The journal's editorial board is made up of students from the Humanization of the Urban Environment research club, led by editor-in-chief Alexandra Vasilenko and scientific editor Dr. George Lątka.
According to the editors:

Our task is to provide knowledge, initiate discussion and lean into issues important to our environment. We also show students how to write scientific papers, publications, which is a useful skill used at least for thesis work.

editors of the magazine
from left: Magdalena Jabłońska, Aleksandra Wasilenko, Kinga Niewczas, Barbara Całko, Julia Kochańska,
Dr. Jerzy Łątka, Paulina Skrzyniecka, Marta Rozalska, Weronika Abramczyk, Marcelina Terelak, Alicja Lorenc

© Format E1

A journey on a sheet of paper

The theme of the third issue is travel. Published in times of pandemonium, it takes on a new meaning. This is what the editors wrote in the introduction:

Dear Readers,
we are all currently in an unusual situation. It would seem that the world has slowed down, turned our lives upside down... We hope that you nevertheless remain at home safe and sound. Taking advantage of more free time, you can delve into reading the new issue of Format E1, which, due to the situation, we decided to publish also in digital form!
We didn't expect the main theme of "travel" to be so distant, but also somehow related to the current situation in the world. Domestication imposed to minimize the threat of a pandemic limits our world radically. Let the articles in this issue bring back memories or allow you to at least for a moment break away from your location and move somewhere else.
The authors will take you to Dessau, where you can take a look at Bauhaus architecture, get to know the capital of Lombardy, which is currently suffering so much from a pandemic, or the city of Slavutych, built for workers after the Chernobyl disaster. What else does the travel theme entail? Read for yourself! [...]

You can read and download the new issue of "Format E1" here.

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illustrations courtesy of Format E1

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