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Is it possible to live in a swamp? A project by students of Bialystok University of Technology

06 of May '20

Alicja Jaroszek and Justyna Laszczkowska, students of the Faculty of Architecture at Bialystok University of Technology, won an honorable mention in the sixth edition of the international competition "House in Forest 2020 - Wooden House." Their work is the only project from Poland appreciated by the jury.

Forest protection and sustainable development

The purpose of the competition was to promote original ideas for the protection of the forest and its environment. It also focused on urban design issues, while raising awareness of sustainable development. This year's theme was wooden houses. Participants were to create a new and original concept for a wooden house in a forest environment. Inspiration from pavilions and various unusual structures, referring to the landscape of the site, was indicated.

Dom na bagnach. Przekrój obiektu o trzech poziomach.

The building consists of three levels

© Alicja Jaroszek, Justyna Laszczkowska

Beneficial marshes

The fight against climate change and increasing greenhouse gas emissions are serious issues to be faced. The authors decided to create a "SUSPENDED HOUSE" and contribute to counteracting the draining of swamplands. Swamps are natural areas that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and thus mitigate climate change. They are part of the blue carbon ecosystem, which absorbs more greenhouse gases than all the world's forests. Marshes can become a layer of protection against floods, tsunamis and other disasters. This makes wetlands a key part of our ecosystem and a very important factor in climate stabilization.

Wyróżniony projekt House in Forest 2020 – infografika

Wetlands are an important part of the ecosystem

© Alicja Jaroszek, Justyna Laszczkowska

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