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Margaret Tujko in the series 10 Questions for Landscape Architects

13 of January '23

"10 Questions to a Landscape Architect" is a new series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to female and male landscape architects. In today's episode, landscape architect Malgorzata Tujko (Land-Arch) talks about her approach to design.

1 Landscape Architecture is, in one sentence, this....

... an interdisciplinary field of science focused on issues of interdependence between nature and infrastructure, which, when applied in practice, refers to both the protection of existing natural resources and the creation of new spaces for nature in the urban fabric.

2 The most underrated aspect of landscape architecture is...

... raising public awareness of serious environmental problems.

Daily professional experience shows us that nature is in crisis, to which the chaotic development of infrastructure and consumer behavior is a major contributor. I believe that as landscape architects, in addition to design work that "meets technical requirements" or creates "Nice Places," we have a responsibility to make both colleagues and the public aware of the need to change the thinking of today's cities.

About the need to introduce biodiverse assumptions based on the mechanisms we observe in nature(Nature Based Solutions) and about the benefits of creating green places for social integration or non-obvious educational and relaxation spaces for children.

3. the most inspiring space for you is....

I am very fond of post-industrial parks with an exposed ruderal aspect of the Gleisdreieck Park type, overflowing with rich nature and at the same time being very much embedded in the urban fabric. They are a reclaimed space and at the same time, thanks to the work of landscape architects, a facility that responds to the needs of residents, both communicatively and aesthetically. Offering a wide range of sports activities and opportunities for contact with wildlife

The 4th most important book related to landscape architecture....

... "Cities for the People" by Jan Gehl and, for pleasure, "The Leafy City" by Richard Powers.

5. most inspiring character...

... depends on what aspect.

Bill Mollison for bringing awareness to the complex relationships between natural elements and learning to think about nature.

Stig L.Anderson for professionalism-vision and consequences.

Jane Goodall and Beth Chatto for their sensitivity-courage and ability to "infect" with their passions.

6 I start the design process with ....

... coffee!

7. favorite moment while working is....

... the moment when I begin to see that the developing idea will solve various technical problems and create, or introduce, new natural and social values.

8... the most important realization in your career is...

... count on that is still ahead of me! I get a lot of satisfaction from our "Weed Garden" on Wadowicka Street in Krakow.

9. dream project is?

A "reclaimed space" project, where users will have a strong and pervasive sense of connection with nature. A project that not only protects the existing natural tissue, but also enriches it with elements that improve the functioning of the ecosystem.

10 Favorite plant is.

Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), it is common, and yet unusual - it has great power!

I am uplifted by the fact that there is a growing awareness of the role and properties of common yet unusual plants in our immediate environment. We are beginning to return to sentimental species, colors and smells of childhood.

asked Wiktor Bochenek

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