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Martyna Jaworska - "Project of revitalization of Gubin's Parish".

11 of January '24
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Name: "The project of revitalization of the Gubin Parish".
Author: Martyna Jaworska
University: Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
Promoter: Radosław Skalski, Ph.D.
Promoter of the appendix: Dr. Elżbieta Myjak-Sokołowska

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Design Diploma 2022/2024".

My project was to create a custom cultural center in the body of a Gothic cathedral. The guiding idea of the concept is a dialogue, a relationship between the past and the future, as well as between architecture and the nature that takes over it. Another assumption was the multifunctionality of the space, by which the project could work harmoniously on many levels. Also important was the functional and visual correspondence of the interior with the square surrounding the parish, as well as meeting the expectations of the local community, the city and the Gubin Parish Foundation.

fara gubińska Fara gubińska

The author's goal was to transform the Gothic cathedral into a cultural center

© Martyna Jaworska

Thus, I focused on locating in the brick "enclosure", among other things: a library, reading room, office space, seminar rooms, small catering, exhibition space, concert hall, checkrooms, public toilets, and an archive. I wanted the interior to gain a unique expression by partially preserving the „ruin” condition, which contributed to the consideration of vegetation in the interior and the current lack of a roof covering.

„Projekt rewitalizacji fary gubińskiej”, rzuty i aksonometria

"Project for the revitalization of the Gubin Parish Church," projections and axonometry

© Martyna Jaworska

The most important was the idea of creating a usable and functional „ruin” of the Gothic cathedral by introducing non-dominant elements of small architecture, the roof and the necessary installation and finishing elements.

Fara gubińska, restauracja Fara, informacja

In the interior you will find, among other things, small catering, information and checkroom

© Martyna Jaworska

I was inspired by photographs showing the parish in its heyday, as well as those from the times when its walls and floor were overgrown with dense vegetation, and sunlight penetrated freely between the arches and columns, let in through the torn vault of the building. I decided to partially preserve this state of nature's interference with the architecture and give the interior the additional function of a winter garden.

„Projekt rewitalizacji fary gubińskiej”, makieta

"Project for the revitalization of the Gubin Parish Church," mockup.

© Martyna Jaworska

An important decision was to abandon the reconstruction of the roof and follow the example of the Warsaw University Library and interfere with the natural process of "ruinization". Thus, I created a concept based on brick walls, a hidden glass roof through which one can observe the sky.

Projekt rewitalizacji fary gubińskiej” fara gubińska, klatka schodowa

In place of the former organ is a vertical staircase

© Martyna Jaworska

In the place of the former organ I located a vertical staircase, which, like them, is a decorative element of the interior. Opposite was a stand with a raised platform in the shape of a chancel. The aforementioned concept corresponds to the vision of a passage from the main door of the church, to the altar, which, according to the designers of ancient Gothic churches, was supposed to symbolize the path from birth to salvation, or from the profane to the sacred.

Biblioteka Biblioteka w farze

In the side aisles there is a library

© Martyna Jaworska

The main nave is surrounded by trees composing a row of soaring Gothic columns. In the side aisles we see, among other things, a library wall that blends into the brick wall of the parish, and this is only part of the changes applied to the interior.

Przestrzeń zewnętrzna Miejsce spotkań

The author proposed to revitalize the square surrounding the parish

© Martyna Jaworska

In addition, the annex to the diploma included a concept for the revitalization of the square surrounding the parish. The main idea of the project was to create a multifunctional, universal outdoor space responding to the needs of the local community and the city council. An important aspect became the conscious connection of the interior of the parish with the surrounding square, which will become an extension of the function of the proposed cultural center. The resulting concept proposes a way to make the neglected architectural fabric more attractive to tourists, culturally and socially, and to restore it to its former function as a historic, vibrant city center.

Plac przed farą sprzyja odpoczynku Łazienka w farze

Most important was the idea of creating a usable and functional „ruin” of the Gothic cathedral

© Martyna Jaworska

An important aspect of the work is to draw attention to the historically and geographically interesting region, the problem of degradation of the urban fabric and the cultural, social and tourist values of the city. It also considers the interesting question of the nature, function and significance of ruins and desacralization of post-church buildings. A detailed analysis of the phenomenon of the ruin itself, the Gothic cathedral and Gubin is included in my written thesis: „The Poetics of Ruins, Transcendent Architecture Out of Time,” which allowed me to explore the subject of the performed project.


Illustrations: © Author

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