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Masters of Architecture - a virtual meeting

21 of April '20

At a time of general isolation (although parks and forests have been reopened to the public, and there really are a lot of them now!), most cultural activities are moving online. The Masters of Architecture series is no different - for the first time in its history the meeting will be held online.

The situation is unique, so it brings with it unique activities. For the first time in the history of the Masters of Architecture series, a lecturer will meet with us virtually, via live broadcast on Instagram. The meeting will take place on Thursday, April 23 at 6:00 pm, on the @mastersofarchitecture profile.

The first half of 2020 is dedicated to architects placing great importance on environmentally friendly solutions, and it will be no different now. Julian Weyer, although born in Berlin, today serves as a partner at leading Scandinavian firm C.F. Møller Architects. This office, which has been in existence for almost 90 years, has been repeatedly awarded for its undeniable contribution to creating prosperity for societies, both in Scandinavia and the rest of the world.

The architects at C.F. Møller regularly surprise us with completely innovative solutions. An old silo turned into a modern apartment block, the tallest residential building built entirely out of wood, or a facade created from solar panels - these are just some of their realizations that the architectural world has lived by in recent years. The Scandinavians have a remarkable ability to analyze the local context, creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solutions that provide timeless benefits for both users and society.

Copenhagen International School

The entire project is based on five fundamental components of the work, which include concern for the environment, awareness of the finiteness of natural resources, reasonable project financing, social responsibility, and sound craftsmanship. All of these threads accompany C.F. Møller's designs at every stage, from the masterplan to the most detailed details.

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Julian Weyer, who moved from Germany to Denmark as a child, has extensive experience in architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, as documented by award-winning projects. As a partner at C.F. Møller, he leads projects across Denmark, Germany and the UK, creating solutions where architecture and space go hand in hand with environmental sustainability. His best-known project is the International School in Copenhagen, whose façade consists almost entirely of solar battery panels. They generate the energy needed for the entire facility, making it produce electricity for itself.

Julian Weyer will talk about his efforts to go green on April 23 on his @mastersofarchitecture profile on Instagram. Part of the meeting will take the form of a Q&A, so there will be an opportunity to ask questions live.

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