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MS more than OKNA at the international trade fair InterDOM in Lodz, Poland

06 of March '23

The InterDOM 2023 International Construction and Arrangement Fair was held in Lodz from March 3-5, a major event for the construction and architecture industry. This year's edition was held under the slogan "DOM is the place that connects us", which emphasized the importance of residential construction. In the context of the theme of the fair, the manufacturer of joinery MS więcej niż OKNA could not miss it.

Stoisko MS
więcej niż OKNA na Międzynarodowych Targach Budownictwa i Aranżacji InterDOM 2023

MS więcej niż OKNA stand at the InterDOM 2023 International Fair of Construction and Arrangement.

© MS more than OKNA

Lodz is a city of startups, which is regarded as a cradle of creativity, where there is room for the most daring ventures. Such was also the case with this year's InterDOM trade fair. Rich program, wide range of topics, many attractions for participants, prestigious space (EXPO Lodz).

This space could not miss the joinery manufacturer MS więcej niż OKNA, which, together with its partner MS Lodz, created a place where, over an aromatic coffee, you could talk both about the top models of windows such as FORMA and Patio HST, as well as about the novelties in the brand's portfolio.

During the three days, there was no shortage of exhibitions and presentations, which were a pretext to engage in conversations, exchange experiences and professional discussions.

The event attracted hundreds of exhibitors, among them manufacturers, service providers, as well as designers and architects looking for solutions, advice and inspiration.

MS więcej niż OKNA will soon appear at the next fair in Bielsko-Biała, and then in Lublin.

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