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New innovative Ruukki® Patina sandwich panel adds color to facades

27 of May '21

Ruukki Construction is launching the new Ruukki® Patina sandwich panel. The panel combines energy-saving properties with a patinated surface that gives lightweight building envelope projects a new look. The outer facing of the Ruukki Patina panel is made of Cor-Ten® steel, which is particularly popular among architects.

Cor-Ten® steel is one of the most environmentally friendly choices - it is natural uncoated steel. At the end of its useful life, it can be fully recycled.

Nowa płyta warstwowa Ruukki® Patina

A layer of patina forms on the rust-brown surface of the panels over time

© Ruukki

Thissteel, previously used in metal facade cladding, has been combined with sandwich panels for the first time, creating a unique product on the market. The distinctive Cor-Ten® steel was used for the outer cladding of a sandwich panel with a mineral wool core. It is therefore possible to design the cladding of commercial, industrial or logistics facilities using sandwich panel technology, but with a completely new, attractive appearance, adding elegance to the buildings.

Ruukki Patina 's airtight energy-saving panel makes it possible to reduce a building's energy costs by 20 percent, which in turn reduces carbon dioxide emissions and allows it to achieve higher scores in LEED and BREEAM environmental certification systems. Ruukki Patina panels have exceptional durability, with a layer of patina forming on their rust-brown surface over time. Its continuous formation means that the surface of the panel repairs itself, for example, in the event of a minor surface scratch.

Unikatowa konstrukcja zamku zapobiega korozji

Unique lock design prevents corrosion

© Ruukki

Ruukki Patina's unique lock design prevents crevice corrosion at panel joints and has been filed for a patent. The use of natural, uncoated steel, the maximum reduction in the need for product maintenance, and the airtightness of the energy-efficient sandwich panel system make Ruukki Patina's new panels responsive to the growing demand for sustainable building solutions and in line with Ruukki's strategy in this area.

Ruukki Patina sandwich panels are manufactured at Ruukki's plants in Alajärvi, Finland, and in Oborniki Wielkopolskie.

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