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New SQ LED series lamps from Lena Lighting

09 of March '21

The popular SQ LED lamp series
has expanded with new products. SQ 160 LED and SQ 100 LED PLUS are energy-efficient, square downlights that will work well in various types of rooms, regardless of their surface area and functionality, guaranteeing excellent light performance.

The SQ LED series consists of modern light boxes, plafonds and downlights with a fashionable, minimalist design. A wide range of models with different parameters, functionalities and mounting methods gives you the opportunity to equip the object with luminaires that perfectly harmonize with each other and guarantee optimal lighting in different spaces of the same investment (offices, representative rooms, conference halls, corridors). This is a solution dedicated to all facilities that rely on harmonious and aesthetic interiors. Now new products have appeared in the SQ LED series - SQ 160 LED and SQ 100 LED PLUS.

We wanted to make the range of lamps in the SQ LED family as wide as possible and give the greatest possible opportunity to maintain stylistic consistency of lighting within a single object. Hence the offer of our new square downlights, available in two sizes (16 and 10 cm). SQ LED products are perfect for office spaces and public facilities. Their undoubted advantages are high quality, easy installation and service, and of course energy efficiency and high luminous efficiency. SQ LED lamps are available in many variants, but we can also customize them to meet individual needs," says Magdalena Chojnacka, Marketing Manager at Lena Lighting.

SQ 100 LED Plus

Photo: © Lena Lighting

The SQ LED family includes:

SQ 600 LED - a line of efficient (151 lm/W), compact surface-mounted lamps, particularly recommended for offices, spacious corridors and larger spaces; available with RCR motion sensor, DIMM DALI control and Corridor function.
(Luminous flux: 2650-10900 lm)

SQ 300 LED - a line of economical square plafonds, which are dedicated to smaller spaces and corridors; available in version with RCR motion sensor and with DIMM DALI control and Corridor function
(Luminous flux: 1400-2800 lm)

New: SQ 160 LED - a new line of square downlights, which, despite their small size, provide excellent lighting parameters and are suitable for various types of rooms, regardless of space and functionality; available in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions
(Luminous flux: 400-2200 lm)

New: SQ 100 LED PLUS -- the smallest and lightest version of square downlights with energy efficiency class A+ and high impact resistance (IK 08), especially recommended for office spaces, spacious corridors and public spaces; available in surface-mounted and flush-mounted versions
(Luminous flux: 590-630 lm)

For more information, visit Lena Lughting 's A&B website.

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