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The new life of an Italian villa. A project by students from the Cracow University of Technology

22 of July '20

Edyta Makowiec, Martyna Markowicz, Radoslaw Mazgaj and Magdalena Micek, students at the Cracow University of Technology, created a design for a house and creative workspace for artists inspired by the symbolism of spring and water, which received an honorable mention in the international competition entitled "Hills of the Arts. "Hills of the Arts" organized by the Young Architects Competitions platform.

The competitiontask was to arrange the 18th-century villa Altosimo near Turin into a hotel and creative workspace for artists. The study area included the villa building and the plot of land adjacent to it. The organizers wanted the project to be not just a hotel, but also an art center where artists of various disciplines and visitors could meet and create.

Otoczenie hotelu

the surroundings of the house for artists

© Edyta Makowiec, Martyna Markowicz,
Radoslaw Mazgaj, Magdalena Micek

water the beginning of creation

As the authors say about the inspiration:

The main idea of the project was to refer to the symbolism of the source. Water is the beginning of all life on earth. As humanity, we would not be able to accomplish anything without it. The source of water itself is like an impulse, a stimulus to action. Just as water has its source in a cave, art also had its beginning there, when primitive people painted the reality around them on the walls of underground caves. With this in mind, the heart of the "Artists' Hill" became a cave - a place of meditation where artists can calm down and develop their ideas.


The project consists of a hotel, Artists' House and underground caves

© Edyta Makowiec, Martyna Markowicz,
Radoslaw Mazgaj, Magdalena Micek

a place conducive to creative work

The authors suggested that the creative process of the artists' house residents should begin in a cave called the temple of meditation. There, surrounded by water, artists can focus and begin their work, which can continue in pavilions located in the park. Another space is the Artists' House with space for workshops, a theater and apartments with private studios located on the second floor. The last facility is a spacious gallery, which is also the main entrance to the hotel, which was built in the restored Altosimo Villa. It houses a restaurant and a wellness area for both hotel guests and tourists. The most important and attractive part of the spa is located in underground caves.

Przekrój obiektu

Funnel-like structures provide energy and light

© Edyta Makowiec, Martyna Markowicz,
Radoslaw Mazgaj, Magdalena Micek

Thewellness zone is the second part of the cave - access to it is provided by an underground passage. It features a wellness center with saunas, Turkish bath, indoor and outdoor pools and other amenities. Enjoying the outdoor pools located on terraces on the north side of the lot, one can enjoy the view of distant Turin.

Przestrzeń galerii

inside the gallery

© Edyta Makowiec, Martyna Markowicz,
Radoslaw Mazgaj, Magdalena Micek

unusual constructions

Funnel-like structures are elements that bring light into the interiors. Meanwhile, the funnels used in the development project take the form of water geysers, providing energy from geothermal sources. Rainwater collection and purification is another advantage of this system. The funnels not only protect from the sun, but also provide energy through photovoltaic panels mounted on top of them.

Artur Gała, a student at the Silesian University of Technology, also received an honorable mention in the same competition, whose work you can read about here.

compiled by: Dobrawa Bies

illustrations courtesy of Edyta Makowiec, Martana Markowicz,
Radoslow Mazgaj and Magdalena Micek

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