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AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków with a new sports hall

25 of August '23
Technical data
Name: Multifunctional sports hall of AGH in Cracow.
Investor: AGH University of Science and Technology.
Location: Poland, Krakow
Studio: ARP Manecki
Chief Architect: Mateusz Manecki
Design: Magdalena Slebioda
Interior design: Maciej Oczkowski
Design collaboration:
Weronika Krauze, Klaudia Woźniak, Dawid Piórecki
Construction: Jarosław Zdeb
Sanitary installations:
Marcin Pasiak
Contractor: Mostostal Warsaw
Photos: Tomasz Prokop
Construction area: 6 398,79 m²
Usable area: 7 124,59 m²
Cubic capacity: 110 830,60 m³


  • project
  • implementation


Students of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków can now use a new multi-purpose sports hall. The state-of-the-art building is another sports facility to the credit of Kraków-based architectural firm ARP Manecki. The five-story hall houses two large sports fields, gyms, fitness, squash and badminton rooms and a sauna. Meanwhile, from its green roof-terrace one can admire Kosciuszko Mound.

The new building is located within the AGH student campus and has been urban and architecturally adapted to the surrounding dormitories.

Elewacja budynku hali sportowej wykonana jest w trzech kolorach

The facade of the sports hall building is made in three colors

photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

clear division

The facade of the sports hall is made in three colors—graphite, white and gray, which clearly divide the building into three parts. The graphite color is the first part of the facility housing facilities, offices, gyms and a fitness room. The main field with an auditorium seating 571 is white, and the gray color is the training hall with a full-size field without stands.

To achieve the three colors of the facade, we decided to use fiber-cement panels. This material is characterized by high strength and sound insulation, as well as resistance to water and mold, says architect Mateusz Manecki.

Wielofunkcyjna hala sportowa AGH, przekrój

AGH multifunctional sports hall, cross-section

© ARP Manecki

green viewing terrace

Access to the aforementioned green roof, where one can relax while sitting on benches, is provided from the foyer and from the offices of AGH employees. In addition to the roof covered with grass and creeping greenery, the architects planted new trees around the building and tried to preserve those growing on the site.

Z zielonego dachu widać Kopiec Kościuszki

From the green roof you can see Kosciuszko Mound

Photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

One tree in particular catches the eye—for which the designers prepared a special circular cutout in the building's ceiling.

We're always trying to preserve greenery, because Kraków badly needs it. This tree was growing in the middle of the hall, so we decided to move it. This is a pro-environmental solution to minimize tree cutting," adds Mateusz Manecki.

Nowa hala sportowa znajduje się na terenie miasteczka studenckiego AGH

There is a cutout in the ceiling of the building for the tree

Photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

two halls = six playing fields

Each of the two large sports halls can be divided into three training fields, allowing as many as six groups to train at the same time. Such a solution meets the university's requirements, which include sports activities of the AZS AGH section and physical education classes for AGH students.

Duża hala może zostać podzielona na trzy boiska treningowe

The large hall can be divided into three training fields

photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

As a result, training sessions of the athletic sections and sports competitions at the level of the first league of volleyball, handball and basketball can take place here simultaneously. In addition to the sports fields, you can use the well-equipped gym and fitness room, as well as squash and badminton stands.

Widownia w kolorze godła AGH na 571 miejsc

AGH emblem-colored auditorium with 571 seats

Photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

And what was the biggest design challenge?

The biggest challenge was designing the function. Inside the hall, athletes train for various sports, and they are often players who play in the first leagues, so they represent a high level. On the sports fields, we had to choose the right kind of parquet flooring, appropriate reinforcements. The gyms would also have to be adapted for training in multiple disciplines. The same was true of the locker rooms. Players training badminton wanted to have the ventilation turned off, because ventilation moves the dart. It cannot be turned off. That's why we designed the heating with heaters, and the ventilation operates at a minimum level," replies Matthew Manecki.

Jeden z korytarzy hali sportowej

One of the corridors of the sports hall

Photo: Tomasz Prokop © ARP Manecki

The newly-opened sports hall in Kraków is another facility by ARP Manecki in Małopolska. In February 2023, a sports hall was opened at Elementary School No. 151 in Kraków. In 2020, the first users were welcomed by a swimming pool on Kijowska Avenue, and in 2021 a multi-purpose community center in the Zielonki municipality was completed.

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