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New metro stations open - copper reigns supreme

01 of July '22

Warsaw Metro has opened two new stations in Bemowo, with plans to launch three more in Targówek soon. The Ulrychów and Bemowo stops, which have been made available to passengers, are maintained in a consistent brick-green color scheme with copper elements. A consortium of the Metroprojekt and AMC Andrzej M. Choldzynski offices is responsible for their design.

Wizualizacja ul. Kondratowicza

Visualization of Kondratowicza Street, Avenue of a Thousand Trees

photo: Warsaw City Hall

The two open stations are part of the ongoing expansion of the M2 subway line. On the eastern side, finishing work is underway on Zacisze, Kondratowicza and Bródno stations. On the western section, the Ulrychów and Bemowo stations have just opened. While Bródno will see the completion of the 1,000-tree avenue project along with the construction of the subway, Górczewska Street above the Bemowo section of the M2 looks like an urban highway, and its standard is not much different from the state before the subway was built. The three stations in the east were designed by ILF Consulting Engineers Polska , the authors of the earlier stations in this section, including Szwedzka and Trocka, and is also the studio that is preparing the concept for the third subway line. The stations in Bemowo are the work of Metroprojekt and AMC Andrzej M. Choldzynski.


stacja metra Ulrychów stacja metra Ulrychów

Photo: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

The last subway station located in Wola is Ulrychow at the height of the Wola Park shopping center. The station is distinguished by its embattled walls, made of, among other things, patinated copper, which will change color over time - due to natural oxidation. The Ulrychów station is 160 meters long and has a volume of 60,272 cubic meters. On the surface, the station's entrances are integrated with bus stops and bicycle parking.


stacja metra Bemowo stacja metra Bemowo

Photo: Rafał Motyl / UM Warszawa

At the Bemowostop - built right next to the district town hall - the walls were made of weathering steel, already familiar to Warsaw subway passengers from the Pl. Wilson station on the M1 line. They, too, will "mature" over time and take on the target rust color. The ceilings at both stations were covered with copper acoustic coffers arranged in different ways. Exit pavilions encased in glass were made at ground level. In turn, elevator shafts were encased in red brick.

final section ahead

The final section of its western section is still awaiting completion. This one is to consist of three stations(Karolin, Chrzanow, Lazurowa) and a depot for the subway (STP Mory/Karolin). The city tried to obtain financial support for this investment by applying for the next round of calls under the Connecting Europe Facility, managed by the European Commission, but the application was rejected. The project - despite its advanced stage of implementation - also failed to gain funding under the National Recovery Plan after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast