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Minimalism and geometry. Avant-garde lamps for bold and color-filled interiors

02 of July '22

Polish architects are very familiar with the designs of Croatian Studio Grupa. Ivana Pavic, Tihana Taraba and Filip Despot are known not only in their native Croatia, but also throughout Europe, thanks to their successful and acclaimed lamp collections Arigato, Baluna and Ili Ili.

At the core of the Ili Ili collection is a play - with light, with conventions, with habits, with established interior design patterns. The phrase Ili Ili in Croatian means "either or." Isn't that the perfect term for a modular collection of pendant and spot lamps?
After all, Ili Ili is made up of cylindrical rings that can be connected to each other, either or...

Lampa Prom Queen Lampy Kiss Me, Madame Bovary, Morning After

Lamps: Prom Queen, Kiss Me, Madame Bovary, Morning After

© Pufa Design

In 2022 Studio Group released new shade shapes and new color versions of Ili Ili adding new design possibilities to these lamps. Working on a project with an Ili Ili lamp resembles play. But it is above all the color that is extremely important in this lighting concept - it is what makes the lamps so unique in expression.

Lampy Cats Hat, Morning After, Gone Fishing Lampa Kiss Me

Lamps: Cats Hat, Morning After, Gone Fishing, Kiss Me

© Pufa Design

The Morning After lampshade - the calmest representative of the latest collection is based on two connected cylinders that form a triangular shape. Like the rest of the novelties, the lamp has five shades (full color is black, navy blue, off white). However, the gray-beige and red-maroon gradient versions are even more intriguing.
Kiss Me - is definitely one of the stronger novelties. It is a spotlight holy lamp. The name of the model indicates, the shape, which resembles a mouth in a large, geometric simplification. Madame Bowary has a slightly softer, oval character.

Lampy Gone Fishing  Lampy Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing lamps

© Pufa Design

Studio Grupa's designers focused in the new collection, like artists on the play of colors, which is created from the combination of beige, gray, red, maroon or navy blue. The shapes of the Ili Ili lamps can be likened to a canvas on which an artist immortalizes his work through colors. There are also a lot of similarities in this design. Because thanks to the colors, the older models Gone Fishing, Coctail Please, La Lava, Coney Cone, Prom Queen or Nighty Night have gained a second life.

 Lampy Dance All Night Lampa Prom Queen

Dance All Night and Prom Queen lamps

© Pufa Design

The Ili Ili collection is created by architects for architects. This is felt throughout the product concept. This is also evidenced by the possibility to order any version of Ili Ili in any color from the RAL palette (which gives you countless possibilities to personalize the lighting system to your project)! Ili Ili are lamps for interior visionaries with a slightly different design style from the traditional one. Ili Ili lighting is ordered in Poland for offices, commercial spaces and restaurants. The new collection will be perfect for residential or hotel interiors.

Looking closely at the Ili Ili lamps, what deserves to be emphasized is the high quality of the finish, the careful coating of paint with a matte finish. It is not only exceptionally artistic, but a revealing design for lovers of European design.

The new Ili Ili lamp collection is available for purchase from the Group's brand distributor, Pufa Design.

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