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Oak forget-me-nots and pink feathers. New products by Umage

07 of December '21

Autumn and winter is a time of calm in nature and - blossoming in design. Among the many brands that are now presenting their new collections, it is worth noting the proposals of the Danish brand Umage.

The Copenhagen-based brand has made a name for itself with modern and practical proposals for lighting, furniture and accessories, which are characterized by light and original beauty, practical qualities (including easy assembly) and affordable prices. So friendly to individual customers, Umage is also much loved by architects and investors, as it offers durable, modern items that represent the Scandinavian style in a fresh, original way.

Komoda z linii
Audacious, lampa Asteria

Audacious line dresser, Asteria lamp

© Pufa Design

Products from Umage's successive collections can usually be divided into three types: completely new designs; variations on the theme of models already known; popular products in new color versions. This is the case this time as well. So we open the box (as always with this brand, practical and in itself "designer") withUmage novelties for autumn and winter 2021!

Forget Me Not lamps by Umage

© Pufa Design

Lamp and something for the lamp

An absolute novelty is the Forget me Not, or Unforgettable, ceiling lamp. Behind the name of the humble flower is an intriguing design - yes, subtle, but at the same time insanely expressive. The oak veneer, from which the two double petals (or wings) of the lampshade are made, has been shaped in a special technological process to gain delicacy and at the same time lose nothing of its durability.

Lampy Forget Me Not
i lampa Asteria Move Lampy Forget Me Not mini

Forget Me Not and Asteria Move lamps

© Pufa Design

Forget Me Not is available in three sizes (diameter: 19, 28, 38 cm) and several natural shades - from light oak to black. This lamp has the design charm of the 1950s and 1960s of the past century. It will look especially stylish with Umage's second autumn-winter novelty - the Rosette Mini suspension, which allows you to create an almost sculptural composition from the lampshades.

Rosette Mini is a minimalist suspension with one, three or five three-meter cables in a textile braid. It is dedicated just to the "forget-me-not", but it will also be perfect for other lampshades in a similar style. To complete the set we offer the third novelty - the Idea LED bulb G4 12 V 2W class F. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of a very small size (height without thread - only 2.9 cm, diameter - only 1.3 cm) with durability extended up to 15 000 hours! The bulb does not heat up and does not contain toxic substances. With low power consumption, it emits light of 140 lumens. Small yet powerful! - The perfect partner for Forget Me Not.

Klosz Evia Klosze Esther

Evia and Esther lampshades

© Pufa Design

Surprising "colors of autumn and winter"

As for new versions of already known designs, one has appeared - the Asteria Up plafond has gained an additional size, medium (diameter: 15.5 cm). There is more going on in color, in the case of lamps. Eos, the famous shades made of real feathers, specifically its Esther and Evia versions, now tempt with bleached shades of gray, beige, blue and pink. Pastels are delicate, versatile, optimistic and deliciously improving autumn-winter moods.

 Szafka z linii
Audacious Szafka z linii Audacious
i lampa Asteria Table

Cabinets from the Audacious line and the Asteria Table lamp

© Pufa Design

Umage furniture has been given a more robust color scheme: dressers and cabinets from the Audacious line and A Conversation Piece armchairs. Unusual, because with a sliding wall covered with fabric, Audacious dressers now tempt with the juxtaposition of light or black oak with fabrics in shades of sand, stone gray, night sky or anthracite. In proudly wearing the "colors of nature" they are bravely supported by A Conversation Piece armchairs, in keeping with the name, designed for long and comfortable "possessions." Not only at the end of 2021.

You can find Umage novelties at Pufa Design, which is the exclusive distributor of the brand for Poland. The store handles retail and contract orders. The Pufa showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Bałtycka Street.

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