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OCULUS LED - excellent performance and modern technology

15 of March '20

OCULUS LED by Lena Lighting is a HIGH-BAY lamp from the NEXT GEN line, representing a new generation of lamps dedicated to LED technology. It is distinguished by very high luminous flux of up to 35,850 lm and luminous efficiency of up to 176 lm/W. Caring for ecology is one of the values that guides Lena Lighting's activities. The company uses environmentally friendly components while ensuring that its products are highly energy-efficient.

In designing OCULUS LED, it took a step further. The lamp's heat management solutions were modeled on natural natural phenomena. The design of the heat sink, which branches out to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible, is inspired by the shape of plants.

As a result, the design of the lamp, as well as the materials used in its construction, ensure its excellent thermal management. Thanks to the use of the phenomenon of conduction and convection, as well as the designed shapes and surface finishes, heat is efficiently dissipated from the lamp to the outside, guaranteeing optimal thermal conditions for the operation of the power supply and led module.

A robust aluminum body and a diffuser made of polycarbonate or tempered glass provide the lamp with a high IK 09 impact resistance rating.

The silicone gasket and the applied breathable gland, which protects against condensation inside the lamp, make OCULUS LED distinguished by a very high IP 66 tightness.

In addition, the lamp's adaptation to work in high temperatures makes OCULUS LED applicable not only in large-area warehouses and logistics centers, but also great for use in harsh production conditions, where there is high humidity, dust, or elevated temperatures of up to 60°C. The special version of OCULUS LED ENDURA can be used in rooms where the ambient temperature reaches up to 75°C.

OCULUS LED is adapted for pendant mounting, and with the use of additional accessories also for surface mounting (ceiling and wall-mounted with angle adjustment). The low weight of the lamp significantly improves the installation process, and consequently reduces its cost. The installation is also speeded up by the lamp's design, assuming only one mounting point.

Light fixtures based on solid-state light sources provide very high energy efficiency and consequent electricity savings. Further savings of about 20% are possible through the use of lighting control systems, which allow the lighting to be adjusted to current needs. The principle of "as much light as you need and where you need it" is realized through the use of programmable sensors: motion and dusk. Such versions of the OCULUS LED lamp with motion and dusk sensors and DIMM DALI control are included in Lena Lighting's offer.

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