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SARP Warsaw Branch has new authorities

16 of October '23

Big changes in the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Architects of the Republic of Poland. After the discharge of the board under the leadership of Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, secret elections were held for members of the Warsaw institution.

On October 14, the term of office of the board of directors of the Warsaw Branch of the SARP, chaired by President Marta Sękulska-Wrońska (WXCA), ended. The incumbent's term of office from 2019 to 2023 was discharged, it was announced on OW SARP's official social media.

changes in office

SARP proceeded to elect the next Board of Directors, whose term will last until 2027. The vote was by secret ballot. The new president of the Warsaw Branch of SARP was architect Piotr Bujnowski. He received 99 votes in favor of his candidacy. Five people voted against Bujnowski's candidacy, and 15 abstained.

Piotr Bujnowski is the founder of the Bujnowski Architekci studio, which won first place in the competition for an architectural and urban planning concept for an educational facility on the grounds of the Treblinka Museum. Piotr Bujnowski's studio also created the building concept for the Memorial Chamber at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery.

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

The vote has already been cast