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OKNOPLAST for Art - artists can still send in submissions

24 of January '24

Acceptance of visualizations of works for the second edition of the international competition for artists OKNOPLAST for Art is underway. The organizers are waiting for applications from candidates until March 4, 2024. Prizes with a total pool of 12,000 euros have been prepared for the winners, and all the awarded works will be presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK.

The task of the competition is to create a work in any technique on an unconventional canvas, i.e. a window designed by OKNOPLAST. Participation is open to people of legal age and residents of the European Union, who additionally meet one of three conditions: they are artists with a documented artistic portfolio, they are students or graduates of an art school. Each participant may submit only one conceptual work in the form of a visualization. In order to maintain a level playing field for all authors, it must be free of watermarks, signatures and other identifying content.

praca Marty Hołderny

Marta Holderna's work

© organizers archive

More than 200 artists from all over the European Union participated in thefirst edition of OKNOPLAST for Art, which we consider a great success. We can see that the unusual idea of creating a work of art out of a window received a great response from the artistic community and art consumers. In the second edition of the competition, we are once again literally juxtaposing the mechanical world of production with the sensitivity and creativity of artists. We have already received dozens of visualizations of works, and only half of the time allocated for accepting applications has passed ," says Magdalena Cedro-Czubaj, head of marketing at OKNOPLAST.

laureaci I edycji konkursu

The winners of the first edition of the competition

© organizers archive

Thetotal prize pool is 12,000 euros (7,000 euros for 1st place, 3,000 euros for 2nd place and 2,000 euros for 3rd place). In addition, all the works awarded by the jury will be presented at the competition exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow MOCAK, and will also feed the collection of OKNOPLAST artworks, which is growing from edition to edition.

The planned date for the post-competition exhibition and vernissage is June 2024.

More information about the competition:[LINK].
Regulations of the competition:[LINK].

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