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Innovation and fun. Wakes with Ola Mirecka

02 of June '21

Who's behind the LEGO company's projects? Join us for another episode of our Thursday morning conversations about childhood, college time and the beginning of careers with well-known people from the creative industry. Ola Mirecka, a designer working with LEGO System A/S, will be the guest of tomorrow's Wakes.

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The series Awakenings is being produced as part of the anti-RAMA collective 's project Street Cloud, a micro TV show about urban culture. In tomorrow's episode (2.06), Lukasz Harat will talk with Ola Mirecka, an independent designer who runs her own studio in Aarhus, Denmark.

Ola Mirecka, a graduate of the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and the Royal College of Art in London, has been working with LEGO System A/S since 2014, for which she designs sets and invents new ways to build and play. The designer has also created the Nej Tak clothing brand, Farvel, and the People from Greek Vases ceramic sculpture series. In addition to the series' signature conversations about her career, childhood, time in college, work, and professional dreams and hobbies, there will be questions about why play is an ideal way to seek innovation, whether being a juror on the popular LEGO Masters program helps or hinders her daily design work more, and how to combine traditional crafts with new technologies.

TheWake Up broadcast will take place on June 3 at 9 a.m. on FACEBOOK and the YouTube channel, please join us!

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