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A linear park will be built on the border of Mordor

06 of August '21

The Suwak Linear Park is to be built on a now-neglected site along the railroad. The Warsaw Greenery Board has just announced a tender for the work.

work already underway


Visualization of the Suwak Park

photo: MAKI Studio / ZZW

A design is to be created by the end of 2021, the city plans to start construction work in 2022, and finish it in the summer of 2023. The concept for the park's development was prepared by MAKI Studio. The project covers a neglected area located between residential blocks, office buildings of the so-called Mordor, a hotel and a railroad line. The plot along Suwak Street will first have to be cleaned up. Among other things, there are remnants of allotment gardens - fences, foundations and summerhouses.

Diverse functions

The new park is expected to offer 20,000 square meters of recreational space, aimed at different audiences. Designers have taken into account the often divergent interests of pedestrians, cyclists, families with children or seniors. Bicycle traffic will therefore be segregated and separated from pedestrians by a strip of shrubbery. Small architecture is to be as diverse as possible, with deck chairs, flower meadows, a sandy beach for sunbathing and hammocks to appear.

Alleys in the park are to be made of mineral paving to ensure water permeability. There will be additional descents for residents of blocks of flats located slightly above the park, as well as ramps for people with disabilities. Cyclists will have at their disposal not only racks, but also bicycle shelters. The park will be connected with the neighboring Warszawa Sluzewiec railroad station.


Wizualizacja parku

Visualization of the Suwak Park

photo: MAKI Studio / ZZW

An important element of the new development of the area will be greenery. There will be 50 new trees (including 25 fruit trees), with girths of 16 and 18 cm, of the following species: field maple, Tartarian maple, small-leaved linden, hawthorns dicotyledonous and scarlet, Swedish and common rowan, ornamental varieties of apple trees, bird cherry. Flowering fruit trees will please the eyes of residents, but also provide a source of food for birds in late autumn and early winter.

Projekt zagospodarowania

Concept for the development of Suwak Park

Photo: MAKI Studio / ZZW

Park users will be surrounded by shrubs (on an area of 4,200 sqm) - dogwoods, forsythias, ligustrums, irises, hydrangeas, honeysuckles, jasmine trees, roses, lilacs and bladderworts. Perennials and grasses will also be planted (over 3,000 sqm). Plant species that will delight with their appearance and fragrances are envisaged - among others, the fragrant larkspur, the lily of the valley of May, the bellflower, the lilac or the broad-leaved bellflower. Of the ornamental grasses, the eye will be pleased by the turf bold, wood reed and knapweed millet. Above the undergrowth with common ivy, it will be possible to walk over a bridge.

educational path

Projekt zagospodarowania Projekt zagospodarowania

Concept of development of the Suwak Park

Photo: MAKI Studio / ZZW

Anyone wishing to learn more about Służewiec's past will draw this knowledge from information boards, the content of which will refer to the post-war history of this formerly agricultural area, beginning in 1951, when the communist government decided to create the so-called Służewiec Przemysłowy.

Kacper Kępiński

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