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Orkana Apartments - the first ultra boutique development in Warsaw

19 of October '21

An intimate development wrapped in the greenery of a private garden is under construction in the prestigious location of Mokotow right next to Arkadia Park. Orkana Apartments is an icon of contemporary construction for the discerning. This boutique project also has an elite character, as it consists of only four exclusive apartments, each located on a separate floor with direct elevator access.

Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, widok od strony wejścia

Orkana Apartments in Warsaw, view from the garden and entrance

© Ciril Poland


Gomez Architecture designers combined maximum utility for residents with minimalist design, sublime quality and timeless elegance. They designed a facade finished with handmade tiles, which already deserve to enter the history of Polish design craftsmanship since their premiere.

Orkana Apartments are located in Mokotów district.

© Ciril Poland

The three-meter-high interiors of the apartments, ranging in size from 118 to 156 square meters, are the insignia of royal comfort. Bedrooms and living rooms with supplied air conditioning systems or controlled electrical outlets are just another manifestation of it. The building is connected to the urban fabric by a private access road, and each apartment has at its disposal two capacious parking spaces and an autonomous, sizable storage cell in a shared garage. Fifty percent of the parking spaces have special outlets for charging electric cars.

 Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, recepcja Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, części wspólne, korytarz

Charming play with light in the common areas, reminiscent of the interior of a boutique hotel

© Ciril Poland


The intimate interiors of Orkana Apartments delight from the threshold. Charming play with light in the common areas, reminiscent of the interior of a boutique hotel, and in the surrounding garden gives the investment a unique character. Custom-designed fine art elements, such as handmade doors, designer chandeliers, and carpets with the investment's repeating monogram, serve a similar function.

Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, salon

Orkana Apartments in Warsaw, living room

© Ciril Poland

Artkam design, with the help of the finest materials in light, warm colors with dark accents used to cover the floors and walls or the ubiquitous exquisite ornaments, starts their story of the luxurious nature of Orkana Apartments from the threshold of the interiors.

In the interiors, I used a marriage of Polish hospitality and homely warmth with Belgian minimalism and design that brings new value," says Kamila Sitak, interior designer and founder of Artkam design.

Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, wizualizacja jednej z kuchni

Orkana Apartments in Warsaw, kitchen of one of the apartments

© Ciril Poland


Thelighting concept for Orkana Apartments was based on a whole collection of ambitious, unprecedented lighting solutions. The project successfully combines noble beauty, technological excellence and perfect performance, creating a unique atmosphere for this boutique institution. The creators of the concept are designers from Delta Light, renowned for their innovation and ability to create a blend of subtle ambience, elegance, functionality and design, both in indoor and outdoor lighting.

Orkana Apartments
w Warszawie, ogród

The garden was designed by Pasa Design

© Ciril Poland

landscape architecture

Polish landscape designer Pasa Design is responsible for the captivating beauty of the garden surrounding Orkana Apartments. Full-sized, mature plants have been adapted for it, which will provide privacy and intimacy for the residents from the first moments. The whole development will be highlighted by straightforward fairy-tale lighting, accentuating the qualities of the local trees and plants. The boundaries of the plot are demarcated by fully vegetated panels.

We have created a garden that emphasizes the intimate character of the building, creating a unique, intimate atmosphere that at the same time ensures the privacy of its residents, the designers say.

Construction will begin in the fall of 2021, and the project is scheduled for completion in early 2023.

Ciril Poland is part of the Belgian Democo Group, which has been successful in the construction and development industry for 44 years in Belgium, Portugal and Poland. Under the Democo umbrella there are 8 highly specialized companies with more than 800 employees, who are the Group's most valuable asset. Democo provides its customers and partners with added value at the executive, technical and finishing services level. Ciril Poland's calling card is environment-oriented investments - unique, functional, environmentally and user-friendly. Ciril Poland is committed to transparency and sustainability, and the result of combining expertise and innovative ideas are projects that often exceed the expectations of customers and partners.

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