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Miele action ovens with pizza stone

03 of February '22

Miele action ovens including the Gourmet pizza stone.

Precision, excellent quality and durability in line with the idea of sustainability - these are the quintessential features of Discovery Class ovens. Miele appliances are a reliable partner in the kitchen: baking any type of food, you are sure of what the results.

Piekarnik klasy

Discovery class oven


Simple, intuitive solutions in the base Discovery Class ovens fit in with minimalist trends in contemporary interiors. The versatile, classic design suits a variety of kitchen builds, and the available programs and functions allow you to achieve culinary success with any dish. A dish made in a Miele oven will always be roasted the same on all sides, because the air inside the chamber is perfectly distributed and the temperature exactly matches the settings. In addition to the basic programs in the ovens of the Discovery line, you will find the Thermonaview Eco function that allows extremely energy-efficient baking even for long periods of time, or the Defrost function, in which products defrost under ideal conditions. When you're short on time to prepare a dish, you'll be happy to use the Booster function - fast heating. FlexiClip pull-outs allow you to easily and safely pull out baking trays or grates without the risk of burning yourself, and regardless of the temperature inside, the appliance always maintains a cool front. Thanks to Miele's patented PerfectClean coating, you can easily clean the chamber or individual appliance components.

Kamień do pizzy

Gourmet pizza stone


Equally easy to clean is Miele's independent accessory, the Gourmet pizza stone. It is made of ceramic material, which perfectly absorbs moisture from the dough. Thanks to its glazed surface, the dough does not stick, so after baking you only need to lightly wipe it. Placed on the stone, the pizza is always perfectly baked and crispy on the underside. The stone, which is only 27 mm thick, heats up in 30 minutes and is perfectly sized to fit the oven compartment.
This year, the Gourmet pizza stone, along with a pizza peel spatula, is available as a special offer with Discovery Class ovens : H 2760 and H 2860. Users of the Miele@home app can also use the recipes developed for this accessory.
Prices for the stock ovens start at PLN 4,499.

For more information, visit the company 's Miele Sp. z o.o. page on theAiB portal.

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