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Shower tray, an idea for a quick refresh in the summer

17 of June '21

Finally, the long-awaited summer has arrived. However, high temperatures often leave us in need of extra refreshment. A quick, cool shower can bring relief and refreshment on hot days. We answer what to pay attention to when looking for the perfect shower tray.

When equipping a bathroom, the choice of a shower tray usually goes to the background. The most attention is usually paid to the shower enclosure. The shower tray, although seemingly less visible, significantly affects both the aesthetics of the entire arrangement and the functionality of the bathroom. What to follow when selecting this element?

Shower cubicle with Geberit CleanLine linear drain

© Geberit

A harmonious duo: aesthetics and function

Even the most visually appealing shower tray will begin to annoy us over time if it is underdeveloped in terms of functionality. Difficulty in cleaning, slippery surface or low material resistance can become a real nuisance. How to find a shower tray that will not only look good, but also serve for years? An example of such a solution is Geberit Sestra, made of a material combining mineral powder and synthetic resin. This combination gives a comfortable, structured usable surface. The modern shape and the technology used guarantee comfort of use and a design that is pleasing to the eye.

Geberit Sestra shower tray

© Geberit

We value the reliability of Geberit products, their simple, elegant and casual design fits into interiors of different character: from industrial, austere, through simple, contemporary, to slightly richer in its style. In such a context, Geberit Sestra is ideal," says architect Ida Mikolajska, co-founder of MIKOŁAJSKAstudio.

Classic elegance

Bathroom renovation is probably the most onerous for all household members, so when choosing equipment, it is worth betting on classic, timeless solutions that will create a good background for different arrangements. An example is the Geberit Olona shower tray awarded by the jury of the A'design Award and Competition. Among the advantages of the design are a matte white color, a designer drain with a delicate chrome surround around the lid and a smooth surface made of durable stone resin. What's more, the shower tray can also be used in bathrooms designed for people with disabilities.

Geberit Olona shower tray

© Geberit

In large bathrooms, walk-in or free-standing cabins work well. Some models of KOŁO brand cabins have the glass surface of the shower walls covered with a transparent Reflex layer, which minimizes the formation of stains and makes it easier to keep clean. Complete KOŁO shower cabins from the GEO series are ideally suited to square or half-round shower trays. These are bathroom equipment products that are easy to install, durable, made of high-quality materials and carefully finished.

KOŁO shower cabin from GEO series

© Geberit

For minimalists

If you value minimalism and modern, economical aesthetics, the right solution will be to dispense with a shower tray. This is a popular procedure, but one that requires the choice of well-thought-out technological solutions. One of them may be the Geberit CleanLine linear drain. Thanks to its design and shape, linear drain drains can be installed directly in front of the wall or anywhere on the floor. The drain is also easy to keep clean - it is equipped with an innovative comb insert that traps dirt. Its cover can be easily removed, allowing easy access to contaminated surfaces.

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