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Szeląg Garden Pavilion designed by wiercinski-studio

21 of January '20
Technical data
Name: Szeląg Garden Pavilion
Investor: City of Poznań
Location: , Poznań
Author team: Adam Wiercinski, Agnieszka Owsiany


60 m²

Do you dream of a place in your neighborhood where you could grow your own vegetables, meet with neighbors, hold a concert or workshop, or just lie in a deck chair in the shade of the trees? In Poznań, on an embankment over the Warta River, in an area adjacent to the historic Szelągowski Park, on the initiative of the Stare Winogrady Estate Council, the Garden on the Szeląg was created, and in it - a modest, year-round pavilion with a simple, minimalist form designed by the Poznań studio wiercinski-studio.

The wooden pavilion is located at the highest point of the site, at the main entrance to the plot, along the existing path. In addition to the pavilion, the plot includes community gardens with beds grown by residents, space for classes and workshops, wooden terraces, a temporary catering area and a children's zone.

Widok z lotu

bird's eye view

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej © wiercinski-studio

The building, designed by architects from the wiercinski-studiostudio, was built in a lightweight wooden frame structure, and due to the slope of the site, it was erected on nineteen concrete columns that keep the floor level at the height of the path, thus providing convenient access for the disabled.

The mono-pitched roof allowed the facade to open up towards the river. Part of the building's mass has been cut out, thus creating a covered entrance area that allows access to the terrace, even when the pavilion is closed. Moreover, a large opening was cut in the wall enclosing this passage, framing the view of Szelągowski Park from inside the pavilion.



© wiercinski-studio

The windows on the façade were arranged to frame appropriate views from the interior - of the park, the river, the sky or the community gardens - and to let in just the right amount of sunlight. As the authors of the project emphasize, this composition also alludes to the "randomness" of the architecture of the allotment gazebos that were housed here in the past, hence the varying sizes and colors of the woodwork.

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej © wiercinski-studio

The building's facade is finished with treated black larch planks, and the simple steel balustrade relates in color to the other steel buildings on the plot.

The pavilion houses a multi-purpose room for cultural and educational purposes, a restroom and a social room.



© wiercinski-studio

The pavilion received the Audience Award for the greatest effectiveness of the positive impact of a work of architecture in social media and an honorable mention in the Public Space category of the 2019 SARP Award of the Year competition, as well as an honorable mention in the competition for the Jan Baptista Quadro Award of the Mayor of Poznań. Congratulations!


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