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Clinker pavers - an elegant finish for the best projects

01 of August '23

It is impossible to talk about single-family architecture without the context of the surroundings. Driveway, terrace, garden paths - this is an important background for the building, so it is worth thinking carefully about their selection. A perfect complement to the area around the house is clinker paving, offering architects and residents a combination of exceptional beauty and extraordinary practical properties.

In the case of single-family housing, it is important to ensure that the immediate surroundings of the house complement it. That's why it's worth reaching for clinker pavers, which perfectly implement the principle already professed by Vitruvius: architecture consists of three principles: durability, utility and beauty. So let's take a look at its features.


Clinker is distinguished by its natural and elegant aesthetics. Contrary to the fears of some investors, clinker pavers can be combined with great effect not only with brick architecture, but also those based on other materials: wood, glass, metal or simply plaster.

LHL Klinkier and Patoka pavers are available in various colors: from yellow, through classic oranges and reds to graphite. There are both classic, smooth LHL Klinkier pavers and stylized Patoka pavers with shading and metallic burnouts. Such a range gives architects a wide range of possibilities in designing individual and attractive pavements.


Thanks to high-temperature (1000°C) firing, clinker achieves high mechanical resistance: a 47-mm-thick clinker cube has twice the compressive strength of concrete cubes and will successfully withstand even heavy loads. Its durability and abrasion resistance make clinker pavers a popular choice for paving in public locations with heavy traffic in countries with a longer tradition of brick architecture.

Clinker pavers are also extremely resistant to changing weather conditions. Thanks to its high density and low absorbency, clinker pavers are frost resistant and do not wear out quickly due to temperature changes, maintaining a beautiful appearance for years, and because they are dyed in the mass, they additionally do not lose their color.


Clinker paving has 3 important practical features.

First: it is not slippery and, unlike concrete pavers, is not subject to polishing. In the category of safety of use, it also wins over natural stone, which, due to unevenness, is often problematic when shoveling snow and even risks falling.

Second: it is not subject to staining. Low absorbency means that even difficult to remove from other surfaces typical driveway dirt - such as motor oil - can be easily removed from clinker. Washing a clinker driveway is extremely easy - a pressure washer is enough to remove most dirt.

Third: clinker pavers are easy to maintain and repair. If any of the pavers are damaged, they can be easily replaced without having to dismantle the entire pavement.

Architects interested in clinker pavers are welcome to contact us.

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