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Perłowa Przystań Sianożęty - premium apartment complex

03 of August '22

The Perłowa Przystań Sianożęty development is a complex of premium apartments. The apartments are located at the very descent to the largest and also the prettiest beach in the Kolobrzeg area.

The four-story building was designed in modernist style. Covered balconies with glass balustrades have been arranged around its cubic body and uncovered balconies on the upper floors. The area of the apartments varies from 34 to 153 square meters. Provision has been made for units with layouts ranging from 1 to 4 rooms, including two-story apartments. Each residential unit is planned to have a spacious terrace or balcony. Restaurants, outdoor pools and a spa with indoor pools have additionally been provided for the complex.

Pearl Harbor with Schöck Isokorb® and Schöck Tronsole®

The investment uses Schöck solutions. The investor took care of the comfort of the residents by using Schöck Isokorb® balcony connectors. Schöck's load-bearing thermal insulation elements are the most important technological level for minimizing thermal bridges. In the stairwells, the Schöck Tronsole® system was installed to increase the comfort of future residents. This solution will significantly quiet any noise coming from the stairwell, giving residents a sense of greater comfort, peace and quiet.

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