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Matching perforated metal sheet for all types of buildings

24 of June '23

From the series "Facade and wall materials – trends 2023"

The modern character of a building's facade can be emphasized thanks to perforated sheets and facade meshes, which we can simply and easily adapt to our needs regardless of size, colors, textures or ways of arrangement. It is thanks to such solutions, offered by  Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o., that we can easily match the appearance of our facade to our expectations.

Poland is developing and urbanizing more and more, there is a rapid increase in the number of new housing estates, production halls, public buildings designed and built according to modern trends, that is, using steel, aluminum, as well as galvanized and stainless steel perforated sheets in hundreds of different designs, to be chosen by the investor.

Perforated sheets used on the facade of a building perfectly pass the test and perform well in all conditions as a structural and decorative element. It can also be an excellent shield, barrier, serve as an acoustic screen or suspended ceiling.
Perforated sheets are also used as elements of machinery, equipment, screens, filters.

Siatka cięto-ciągniona

expanded metal

© Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o.

Perforated sheet is a product that is used in virtually every industry. It works perfectly in many fields of activity, therefore in the offer of the company Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. from Krakow you will find products that meet all your requirements and find use in the food, chemical, automotive, construction and architecture industries, as well as in other areas of the economy. Perforated sheets with round and square meshes, in a straight or passing arrangement, or perforated sheets with longitudinal, decorative, hexagonal-hexagonal meshes are just some of our proposals. All products, offered by  Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. and especially perforated sheets are made with attention to the smallest details.

Perforated sheets – stainless steel, galvanized steel, ordinary steel, aluminum

Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. from Krakow uses the most modern and innovative solutions for metal processing: ordinary steel, galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheets, as well as acid-resistant materials, thanks to which perforated sheets perform excellently in any conditions and in any industry. Their application is extremely wide, as customers in the automotive, architectural, energy, food processing and other industries are finding out on an ongoing basis. For more than 20 years, customers have been appreciating perforated sheets from Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. and their advantages, wide application possibilities and versatility of perforated sheets. In the case of perforated sheets offered by Perforacja-blach perforowany sp. z o.o., we are dealing with an extremely practical and functional solution. Here you will find a wide selection of various perforated sheets, which will certainly be useful in any field where it is important to use a product with excellent qualities, and above all aesthetic, durable and of good quality, and intended for many tasks.

Blacha perforowana corten

Perforated sheet corten

© Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o.

Production of perforated metal sheets

For the production of perforated sheets, modern technologies are used, allowing great efficiency and precision and excellent quality. Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. employs perfectly educated and qualified professionals, specialists with vast, long experience in the metallurgical and metal industry. Therefore, their offer includes the highest quality products, sheets and coils of perforated sheets.

The logistics network is perfectly developed, the delivery of the products offered by  Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o., the entire assortment runs extremely smoothly; because the company disposes of a huge stock of perforated sheets immediately from the warehouse, accumulated in warehouses of several thousand square meters, so it has the ability to deliver products to all customers in no time. Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. and cooperate. You can already join the 20,000 satisfied customers and use perforated sheets of the highest quality.

The perforated sheets offered by our company are of the highest quality

Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. company is familiar with perforation of metal sheets for more than 20 years You have the opportunity to order perforation of metal sheets by experienced specialists and top-class machines. You can choose from a variety of sheet metal models for decorative and structural purposes with different sheet sizes and hole shapes, such as round, square, oblong, decorative, hexagonal and other holes. In any metal available on the European market

Standard metal sheets, i.e. 1000×2000 mm Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o. has stored in Cracow in halls of several thousandm2.

However, sheets of non-standard dimensions can be produced on request, as well as perforated sheets in coils, circles of various widths and lengths according to customers' orders.

For more information, visit the company 'sPERFORACJA – BLACHY PERFOROWANE Sp. z o.o. page on the AiB portal.

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