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Success for the social side. Developer will not overwhelm Peruna

17 of May '23

After three years of struggle, the social side has won a dispute over the shape of the future development of the former Perun factory site in Warsaw's Praga Południe district. The investor finally reduced the height of the development and its intensity. The construction is to be carried out in accordance with the so-called Lex deweloper law.

In April, a vote on accepting or rejecting the developer's application for the Perun site development project was to be held at a Session of the Warsaw City Council. At the last hurdle, the developer withdrew his application, which was described by local associations as detrimental to the urban-architectural order and historic Kamionek. It also met with negative opinions from experts from the Urban Planning and Architectural Commission, who pointed out the lack of consideration for the character of the surrounding development. A negative opinion of the concept by WWAA was also given by councilors from the Spatial Order Commission of the Warsaw City Council.

The next three concepts presented by the investor gradually tried to respond to some of the demands of the public and experts, but only the one submitted in May 2023 presents a shape of development acceptable to the residents of the neighborhood. The project has evolved significantly to reduce its scale.

Porównanie koncepcji

comparison of the developer's concepts

© developer materials / WWAA / Warsaw City Hall

The current modification of the concept consists in lowering the height of the first floor and removing the seventh story on the side of the square, thus reducing the maximum height of the development to 20 meters. Such height refers to the neighboring buildings. In addition, on the side of the intimate street of Stanislaw August Street, the development has been partially lowered from VI to V floors, thus referring to the height of the neighboring residence. The planned number of apartments has dropped from 350 (2020 concept) to 265 (current design).

Wysokość zabudowy

new building height

© WWAA / investor materials / UM Warszawa

The investor envisages the entire Perun Factory site to be open to the public and unfenced, except for the part adjacent to the courtyard on the eastern side (a community demand). This will ensure that everyone will be able to go inside, use the services, view the historic buildings and walk freely through the area.

Aksonometria zabudowy

axonometry with context

© WWAA / investor materials / UM Warszawa

In addition, a green square located on the west side of Peruna, between Grochowska and Stanisława Augusta streets, will be developed as an accompanying project. The residential function will be accompanied by services, which will be located in the first floors of the buildings, from the courtyard and from Grochowska and Stanisława Augusta streets.

Wizualizacja zabudowy Peruna od strony Grochowskiej

view from Grochowska Street

© WWAA / investor materials / UM Warszawa

We wrote more about the Perun factory, its history and previous rejected concepts in the article: Second approach to building a housing development on the Perun factory site.

Wizualizacja wnętrza kwartału Perun

visualization of the project

© WWAA / investor materials / UM Warszawa

Kacper Kępiński

The vote has already been cast