The interiors of public facilities and commercial buildings must meet a number of requirements. They are intensively used, so they should be ideally suited to their purpose, ergonomic, durable and easy to keep clean. Particularly now, in an era of increased hygienic rigor, this last point becomes crucial in all spaces where people gather. At the same time, the aesthetic aspect should not be forgotten. After all, the finishing of such interiors also has a representative function, builds the investor's image and directly affects the well-being of users. Whether we are dealing with an educational institution, a sports facility, a hotel or a shopping mall, their interiors should be comfortable, encourage people to stay in them, be visually consistent and fit in with current trends in architecture and design.

The freedom to create such spaces and the certainty that the designer's concept will be properly embodied is provided by materials that offer a wide range of possibilities both aesthetically and in terms of use. Abet Laminati's modern HPL and CPL laminates are versatile products that will find application in rooms with diverse functions and styles.

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