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Awaken creativity - laminates with many faces

01 of December '20

Modern HPL and CPL laminates
From the series "Interior trends for 2020"

Interior design is the art of reconciling aesthetic qualities with the utilitarian function of specific spaces, current trends with the timelessness and durability of solutions, the needs and expectations of the investor with budget possibilities. To ensure that the completed building fully corresponds to the designer's vision, while at the same time providing comfort and safety to users, it is worth choosing finishing materials thoughtfully.

The interiors of public facilities and commercial buildings must meet a number of requirements. They are intensively used, so they should be ideally suited to their purpose, ergonomic, durable and easy to keep clean. Particularly now, in an era of increased hygienic rigor, this last point becomes crucial in all spaces where people gather. At the same time, the aesthetic aspect should not be forgotten. After all, the finishing of such interiors also has a representative function, builds the investor's image and directly affects the well-being of users. Whether we are dealing with an educational institution, a sports facility, a hotel or a shopping mall, their interiors should be comfortable, encourage people to stay in them, be visually consistent and fit in with current trends in architecture and design.

The freedom to create such spaces and the certainty that the designer's concept will be properly embodied is provided by materials that offer a wide range of possibilities both aesthetically and in terms of use. Modern HPL and CPL laminates from Abet Laminati are versatile products that will find application in spaces with different functions and styles.

LeKaya restaurant, Tignes Polaris 2902 laminate.

Photo: © Abet Laminati

The building's business card

Right from the entrance, a commercial or public interior should invite you in, create a welcoming atmosphere and create the right mood, in accordance with the purpose of the building. This is where the aforementioned representative function is accentuated in a special way. The finishing of the entrance hall and other circulation spaces, whether in terms of furnishings, wall cladding or doors, must be suitably prestigious and at the same time resistant to damage or dirt.

An important element of this space is often the reception counter. It does not have to take the form of a simple cuboid. If we decide on an individually designed piece of furniture with an original shape, tailored to a specific interior, it will become a decoration and, in a way, a business card of the hotel, office building or medical facility. For its implementation, HPL laminates are perfectly suitable. Using them we can easily realize, for example, furniture with rounded form and soft lines, which are gaining popularity again. It is worth noting here the Diplos collection developed jointly by Abet Laminati in cooperation with the Italian company SAIB. It includes not only HPL laminates, but also laminated particleboard (MFC) and edging perfectly matched to them in terms of patterns and structure. This system allows to create aesthetically consistent furnishings for the entire facility.

Altido Galleria, Milan, Diplos 1964 & 1941 laminate.

Photo: © Abet Laminati

Walls that absorb sound

By opting for HPL laminates, we can use material of the same texture and identical color not only on furniture, but also on walls or ceilings. A wide range of decorative panels allows creative use of cladding. Depending on the architect's concept, the planes can flow seamlessly into each other or be differentiated in terms of texture or color. The space thus gains an individual, original character.

Decorative panels can also be given sound-absorbing properties by using perforations. This expands the possibility of their applications, offering, in addition to acoustic cladding, an interesting and much richer in design alternative to standard suspended ceilings.

Doors blended into the wall

Another element that we can finish using HPL laminates is doors. Among other things, this material allows us to use exactly the same pattern and color on the door leaf as on the wall. This will give us a monolithic surface into which the door will blend perfectly. Another option, other than HPL, is CPL laminate, which is less thick and more flexible, and can be successfully used to veneer areas such as door frames.

A popular choice for doors is the Abet Laminati collection Polaris. This is a material with a unique velvety texture and matte finish. Its structure makes the surface not only pleasant to the touch, but also resistant to scratches and does not accept fingerprints. What's more, it has antibacterial properties and is easy to clean.

Barth Breker bfp&r, Berlin, Polaris 2904 laminate

Photo: © Abet Laminati

For the kitchen countertop, bathroom and fitness area

Places that place special demands on finishing materials are spaces with increased humidity. These too can be met by HPL laminates. We can choose the so-called compact laminate, which is a homogeneous material with a closed structure. It does not absorb water and will even work well as a shower partition. It is created from cellulose fibers impregnated with resin, fused together in the process of pressing under high pressure and temperature. This also gives it considerable strength and resistance to mechanical damage. An interesting variation of compact laminate is Abet Laminati Sliding Core, which offers the possibility of designing curves and spins. It can be supplied as a board for thermoforming (so-called postforming) or in the form of ready-made L or S profiles.

Design an individual pattern

Abet Laminati also caters to those for whom the range of diverse colors and decors in the standard collection is still not enough. Digital Print gives you the opportunity to transfer any pattern, graphic or photo onto the laminate. Using enhanced digital printing technology. Personalized in this way, decorative laminate allows you to embody any idea for the interior giving it a unique character.

No matter what trends dominate interiors in a given season, Abet Laminati products make it possible to realize even the most daring visions of architects. They facilitate the creation of visually coherent compositions from elements with different functions. Thanks to them, the effect of randomness is avoided, and the designer has control over the final result.

For more information, visit the Abet Laminati Polska page on the A&B portal.

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