Where work is combined with passion, quality is born. That's why today, OknoPlus is not only a leading manufacturer of window and door joinery with many years of experience in the industry, but above all a team of professionals who inspire each other every day, exchanging knowledge, ideas and experience.

The strength of the OknoPlus brand is the people who make it up, as well as the book of standards that we have invariably followed for many years in creating the highest quality windows and doors. In an era of globalization and commercialization processes, we approach mass production from a distance, keeping in mind the individual needs of increasingly conscious customers. Like you, we value not only aesthetics in general, but also increased requirements for energy efficiency and the level of workmanship of woodwork that stays with us for many years. In creating our windows and doors we are guided by one goal: to provide the investor with such solutions that we would gladly use ourselves.

We know that top-of-the-line joinery is the result of a close-knit team, and that the efforts of each employee are equally important. That's why we pay special attention to a friendly and creative working atmosphere, which is the real driving force behind our development. We do not perceive our products in terms of "product", "dimension", "price", but through the prism of reliability, aesthetics, innovation, functionality, safety or long-term satisfaction of customers who have trusted us.

Every day we work on modern solutions that allow us to expand the offer directed to you. We trust that thanks to our experience we are able to meet both the most stringent technological requirements and the most subtle design expectations.

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