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New glazing on offer from OknoPlus. Energy-efficient windows become even warmer

26 of September '22

Glass can occupy up to 90% of the entire window surface - so it's no surprise that its quality and properties have a not inconsiderable impact on the performance of the entire structure. And there is no room here for any, even the smallest, compromises. In an era of rising energy prices, in the face of a long heating season, what is required from windows today is full reliability, energy efficiency and durability, and not just a setting for a beautiful view. To meet the expectations of those for whom quality and economy go hand in hand, OknoPlus is introducing Reveal - a new glazing standard with a thickness of 56 mm - to its collection.

The construction regulations in force today leave no doubt - the buildings we erect are to be ecological and meet exacting energy standards. All in the service of ourselves, the condition of the planet and out of concern for the fate of future generations. Energy-efficient houses, and even passive houses, are no longer a scenario straight out of science fiction movies, but a standard in the not easy fight for the well-being of our wallets and... the environment.

48 mm vs 56 mm

Speaking of glazing packages, what matters is not only the amount of glazing, but also the thickness of the panes. The principle is simple and has nothing to do with the interiorist "less is more". The thicker the glass we install in our profile, the better the parameters of the whole will be obtained. We are mainly talking about energy efficiency, but silence and safety are also not without significance. Only... is 8 millimeters really that much?

Without context or knowledge of the technical parameters, the difference may seem negligible, but after a short conversation with an experienced advisor, we will see that 8 millimeters has a huge impact on how much heat will remain in the interiors, says Dawid Mickiewicz, an expert from the OknoPlus brand. - The benefits are plain to see. The less heat escapes from the four walls, the less need for additional reheating, and this will translate directly into higher bills, he adds.

Perfect the perfect

Reveal windows premiered in May 2020, and since then the family of these energy-efficient solutions has been constantly growing, and the products themselves are undergoing continuous development. The collection is based on DECAL aluminum profiles with SO EASY technology, which, accompanied by, the best on the market today, ECLAZ glass from Saint-Gobain, form a perfect duo, and will create an even more perfect duo, because from October the 48-millimeter glazing will be replaced by 56-millimeter panels.

Window from the Reveal line

© OknoPlus

Reveal with the ECLAZ package therefore means not only more natural light in the house (light transmission rate of 77%), but up to 20% better energy efficiency compared to the best windows currently available on the market. The heat transfer value of the glass
is Ug=0.5 W/m²K, and the energy transmission rate in this case is at g=60%.

Add to this the window's even better statics, high wind- and water-tightness and Select hardware with special anti-theft strikers, and you get a real design for special tasks.

And these are just some of the advantages.

Okna z linii Reveal

Windows from the Reveal line

© OknoPlus

Design for the 21st century

The Reveal line is a real treat for lovers of modern minimalism. The structural elements have been meticulously concealed. No hinges or gaskets are visible, while the drainage holes are elegantly masked. Thanks to the new glazing, the glazing bead has become thinner, and the window itself seems to be larger and even more impressive in its design.

Reveal with a 56-millimeter 3-pane package will go on sale on October 3.

For more information, visit the company's OKNOPLUS page on the A&B portal.

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