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Black drawers - what interiors do they fit into?

26 of September '22

Drawers are one of the most loved and functional solutions in kitchen furniture. But are they only kitchen ones? Although we are used to using them primarily in this interior, they work just as well in others. Especially when they are in fashionable black. See where and why you should install them.

Drawer systems, such as Slim Box by REJS, have literally conquered the market and the hearts of users for more than a dozen years. For what qualities do we value them most? And where do they work best? We will suggest - not only in kitchens and pantries. Their various advantages can be appreciated, among others, in offices, living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms, as well as dressing rooms and bathrooms.

Purpose: Convenience

Distinguished by their thin sides, Slim Box drawers are mounted on sturdy slides that allow high load capacity (up to 40 kg) and full extension. As a result, we can really fit a lot of stuff in them - even heavy stuff. At the same time, we will also ensure better access to these items. Everything, even rarely used and hidden in the depths of the cabinet accessories, in the drawers are always at hand.

Szuflady Slim Box

Slim Box drawers

© Cruise

This feature works not only in kitchens and pantries. It is equally needed, for example, in offices and teenagers' rooms, where all sorts of treasures hide in the drawers of desks and dressers.

Slim Boxes are available in 4 heights (89, 121, 185, 249 mm) which makes them easy to use. In the high and deep ones you can hide large accessories and toys. The shallower and lower ones will accommodate school supplies like markers, crayons and paints, as well as notebooks and books. But that's not all. Thanks to the optionally available soft-closing mechanism, pushed Slim Box drawers will close by themselves gently, quietly and gently. The Push to open mechanism, on theother hand, will make it easier to open them. - explains Joanna Posadzy, Marketing Director of the REJS brand.

Goal: order

Mounting Slim Box drawers will also make it easier for us to organize and maintain order. And this applies to both large and small products. This is important, for example, in bathrooms and bath salons. Here they will work well in the cabinet under the sink, but also in high cabinets, where we store towels and hygiene products.

Szuflady Slim Box

Slim Box drawers

© Rejs

If the drawers are lined with non-slip mats, cleaning products will always be in place - they will not move when opening and closing. And if you decide to use internal organization systems, even small items like cosmetics and makeup utensils will not get mixed and tangled. And it is worth remembering that there are several systems for Slim Box drawers. These can be made of plastic or metal inserts in various configurations and sizes. Special rails designed for larger items like the aforementioned detergents are also an interesting solution.

Another noteworthy option is glazed sides and fronts, which will be useful, for example, in the dressing room. Thanks to the anthracite glass insert, it will be easier to see where the desired pair of socks or favorite tie lies. Drawers with glass front are available in 4 heights - 89, 121, 185, 249 mm, and with front and side - in 185 mm height.

Szuflady Slim Box

Slim Box drawers

© Cruise

Aim for furniture your way

Slim Box drawers allow considerable freedom of arrangement. This is because they are available not only in an external version, where each drawer has its own front, but also in an internal version. In this edition, several drawers can be hidden behind a single large front, thus obtaining a uniform level of built-in space. This is a valuable solution in living spaces - living rooms and dining rooms, among others. Here the drawers can be cleverly hidden from the eyes of guests, and at the same time continue to enjoy their qualities.

And it is worth remembering that in addition to purely functional advantages, there are also aesthetic ones. Slim Boxes are distinguished from other drawer systems by their design. Thin, straight sides are elegantly minimalist, so they will perfectly fit into interiors decorated in various styles - from chic to loft, from modern to more subdued. The effect is enhanced by the color scheme used. Fashionable deep black is one of the most fashionable shades currently used in interior design. - explains Joanna Posadzy.

For more information, visit the company's REJS Spółka z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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