ANDE air conditioners are characterized by the highest quality workmanship, attention to every detail, design designed by renowned design bureaus from Japan, and the production of equipment is based on components from leading manufacturers: Hitachi, Mitsubishi Motors, Toshiba, LG, Nichicon, GMCC, Highly, Zhipu, Renesas, Welling, and manufactured in state-of-the-art air conditioning factories 2.0

ANDE air conditioners are designed not only to cool giving us comfort on hot days, but above all to take care of our health by improving air quality through an advanced COLD PLASMA ionization system, as well as a wide range of filters: PM 2.5, with vitamin C, or a filter with Silver Ions. The units are also super quiet, which adds to their comfort.

ANDE looks to the future and is aware of caring for the planet, which is why the units are manufactured with EKO technology, using the latest environmentally friendly refrigerant R32, and the units feature a high energy class A++,
which directly affects the lower cost of operation and CO2 emissions.

The highest quality of the units is due to the restrictive and multi-stage quality control of each unit, which is confirmed by our failure-free statistics of the units.

A 5-year warranty on the devices gives you the feeling of stress-free use, and we declare access to post-warranty parts for up to 10 years after the purchase of the device.

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