CAD Projekt K&A Sp. z o.o.

CAD Projekt K&A was created nearly 30 years ago by a group of enthusiasts of 3D graphics and specialized computer software for interior design.

Our unique programs, created in a CAD environment, have ensured our pioneering role in the Polish interior design industry. The young, professional and creative team of CAD Projekt K&A, however, is still waiting for new challenges!

At the very beginning, we mainly dealt with 3D graphics and computer animation, while thinking about constructing an interior design program. In 1997, we began work on a groundbreaking project in the history of the company and our industry, a kitchen design program. The first version of the software, which we called CAD Kuchnie, found many enthusiasts from the very beginning. With its subsequent updates and modifications, we were guided by the opinion of our customers, more numerous every year.

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