ELASTOLITH is a Dutch manufacturer of mineral clinker tile. The manual production method was patented in 1962 and is still realized today in an unchanged form.

The ELASTOLITH Poland Group has two product lines: ELASTOLITH Classic and HAAKSBERGEN. The former is aimed at private investors, while the latter is aimed at architects, general contractors, restorers or builders of large commercial and industrial buildings. ELASTOLITH systems are used on the outside and inside of buildings.

50 years - that's our experience!

HAAKSBERGEN clinker tiles are a unique façade material that has been produced at the Dutch ELASTOLITH manufactory for more than 50 years. The production method was patented in 1962 and is still realized today in an almost unchanged form. The HAAKSBERGEN Original by Elastolith system has unique properties that make it suitable for use virtually anywhere. All ELASTOLITH products are manufactured to the highest production and quality standards and only from natural components.

HAAKSBERGEN puts into the hands of designers new, unlimited possibilities for building design, which were previously limited or even impossible for traditional materials. Create your own fully customized clinker tile and see how the HAAKSBERGEN system solves all the problems associated with designing brick or clinker facades!

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