HOFMANN Natursteinwerke Polen GmbH Sp. z o.o.

We are among the leading European companies in the field of sandstone processing. We make significant contributions to the field of architecture at home and abroad. We cooperate with well-known and respected architects. We have won the trust of serious investors. We have our own deposits with rich resources of blow sandstones and very attractive colors. We rely on modern stone processing technologies. We have our own design facilities. We carry out comprehensive execution of stone work at home and abroad.

The company has realized, among others:
Office and commercial building "Landesbank Berlin" - Berlin - Glienicke
Hyatt Hotel - Berlin, Potsdamer Platz,
Embassy of the United Arab Emirates - Berlin
Braunschweig Palace
Embassy of Brazil - Berlin Center
Volme Galerie - Hagen, Rathausstr.
Intercity Hotel - Bremen, Bahnhofsplatz,
Alpha building - Offenbach - Kaiserlei
Recent realizations in the country are stonework on the construction sites of the Cracow hotels SAS Radisson "Filharmonia", Crown Piast and Sheraton.
On the facade of the "Filharmonia" hotel building was installed sandstone in a pebbled texture with an ornament of the so-called "Krakow trail". The interior decoration of the hotel is, in addition to granite furniture countertops and striking staircases, also a unique wall of panel elements made of blocks of rock salt from Wieliczka. This was an innovative solution completed with complete success.
The front facade of the Sheraton Hotel made of Wüstenzeller red sandstone with the Polish name Desert Red refers in color to the Wawel Royal Castle in the immediate vicinity.
In addition, the company made a stone facade of Nero Zimbabwe granite from water-jet cut slabs.

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