JUAN Sp. z o.o.

A family
! It is said that there is strength in it - that is why JUAN has become one of the largest Polish manufacturers of furniture tops. For approx. 30 years we have been doing the impossible in Poland, and we can say with certainty that we know everything about countertops, and the technology of their creation has no secrets from us.

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer. Our hors d'oeuvre is primarily countertops, but we also specialize in other materials for furniture and interior design. We produce wall panels and interior window sills, we also deal in wholesale and retail sales of furniture materials from other renowned manufacturers. We give our hearts to carpenters and companies in the furniture industry, who create wonders with our products.

we not only manufacture and sell, but also provide carpentry services to meet the requirements of our customers. Are you passionate about carpentry or engaged in it professionally? Check out how to work with our materials - we care about the highest quality and modern design.

We systematically monitor interior trends and create them ourselves, expanding our offer with new designs and innovative solutions and services. And all this at a reasonable price!

many places in Poland - all JUAN products are made in our manufacturing plant in Grajewo. You can find JUAN showrooms in: Warsaw, Grajewo, Szczecin, Bialy Blota near Bydgoszcz and Dlugolecka near Wroclaw. We also have an extensive distribution network in many other cities.

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