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JUAN - everything for furniture. Good design, aesthetics and quality without compromise

09 of December '22

The measure of a good interior is not only good design, but the quality behind it. The company JUAN Sp. z o.o. focuses on the best aesthetic solutions, as well as quality, without compromise. JUAN is a Polish brand and a family-owned company that for 30 years has been offering products with a wide range of applications including kitchen furniture and interior design. Currently, it is one of the largest Polish manufacturers of furniture counter tops, and one can say without hesitation that it knows everything about countertops, and the technology of their creation has no secrets from them. Juan, in addition to producing countertops, manufactures wall panels and interior window sills. The choice is huge - the brand's products are available in more than a hundred decors.

Blaty – Supernatural 5111 STONE

Countertops - Supernatural 5111 STONE; Fronts - Arctic Gray U788 ST9; Black U999 PM/ST9.


JUAN - a rich portfolio of products and services

The company also retails and wholesales furniture materials from other reputable manufacturers. The sales offer also includes furniture boards, decorative laminates, Staron® mineral-acrylic boards, fronts, sliding doors and furniture accessories. Juan Company not only manufactures and sells, it also provides carpentry services. At the request of customers, digital processing of boards and countertops, cutting, veneering and drilling is carried out.

Blaty – Marmur Yin 2272 STU; Czarny 999 PT

Countertops - Yin Marble 2272 STU; Black 999 PT; Wall panel - Yin Marble 2272 STU; Fronts - Graphite Gray 961 PM/ST9


The jewel in the crown - Staron® mineral-acrylic tile

A noteworthy item in JUAN's offer is Staron® mineral-acrylic board. When it reaches the architect, it is like an uncut diamond in the hands of a jeweler, and used in the implementation will be a strong point in the portfolio. The material is widely used in interior design, furniture construction, wall and facade coverings for interior and exterior use.

Staron® – Glam-studio w Korei

Staron® - Glam-studio in Korea


Staron® is distinguished by its exceptional durability, is renewable and easy to repair, and can be periodically sanded and polished, making it look like new even after many years of intensive use. The material can be joined together seamlessly, allowing us to achieve any size and thickness. It can be easily shaped at high temperatures. Staron® has hygienic properties (no dirt, fungi, bacteria penetrate the material) and is fireproof. The boards come in an attractive and wide range of colors, the surface can be finished in matte, semi-matte and high gloss.

Staron® – płyta mineralno-akrylowa zastosowana w jasnej łazience, Interlaken, Szwajcaria

Staron® - mineral-acrylic tile used in a bright bathroom, Interlaken, Switzerland


Juan brand showrooms are located in Warsaw, Grajewo, Szczecin, Bialy Blota near Bydgoszcz and Dlugolec near Wroclaw.

For more information, visit the company's JUAN Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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