The KOŁO brand has existed since 1962 and, as the successor to Zaklady Wyrobów Sanitarnych, has managed to win the sympathy and trust of hundreds of thousands of Poles and conquer many foreign markets. It is persistence, meticulousness and continuous improvement of our own skills and techniques that have ensured the KOŁO brand a dominant position in the market of bathroom products.

Since 2015, the KOŁO brand has been part of theGeberit group, the European leader in sanitary technology. The alliance between the two brands has allowed the expansion of offers and the exchange of valuable technologies - all to provide customers with even more comfort and functionality in the bathroom.

The offer of theKOŁO brand includes the already legendary sanitary ceramics - from toilet bowls, standing and hanging, through bidets and urinals to washbasins. Indispensable in the bathroom ceramics is, above all, the toilet area. So that it can be fully functional, KOŁO also ensures the availability of high-quality concealed frames, including the well-known TechnicGT model, complemented by a wide range of diverse flush buttons. Geberit, a pioneer and leader in the field of concealed racks, attests to its reputation for KOŁO brand racks.

With its factory in Ozorków, the KOŁO brand also offers acrylic products, such as shower traysand bathtubs, providing a filling for the shower area. They allow you to achieve absolute hygiene, in addition in an extremely comfortable way. Diverse collections allow you to match both the shower tray and bathtub to your needs and bathroom design.

The brand can also boast of revolutionary technologies that were developed right in the KOŁO plants. The first and most important is KOŁO Rimfree technology, providing much more hygiene in the bathroom, achieved by producing toilet bowls without an internal flange. Fewer hard-to-reach spaces mean fewer germs, often impossible to remove. Another breakthrough is the KOŁO Reflex layer , which, thanks to its hydrophobic properties, allows water to drip off much faster and collect dirt.

KOŁO is a unique design, matching any bathroom!
One-of-a-kind designs guarantee the creation of interiors with unique design and, at the same time, high functionality and numerous possibilities for completion. Many solutions meeting the needs of home bathrooms, public bathrooms or bathrooms for people with disabilities have allowed the KOŁO brand to become a leader in the area of bathroom equipment in Poland. It is also the most recognizable brand in the country associated with the creation of high-quality bathroom products.

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