Kronoflooring Sp. z o.o.

One hundred and twenty years of experience in the production of wood-based panels makes us pioneers in our industry. However, leadership comes with responsibility. That's why we use certified wood, green energy and recycled wood, and our manufacturing process is efficient and sustainable to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible.

Once we have produced the highest quality products, we must deliver them to the designers and manufacturers who rely on them. To this end, we have developed a unique supply chain - a network of manufacturing facilities and warehouses with a global reach that allows us to provide unrivaled service and ensure prompt delivery to anywhere.

During our long journey, we have learned that everything we do matters. Not just for us, but for the millions of customers who rely on our products in their homes. While we don't know exactly where this journey will take us, we don't intend to stop and are raising the bar higher and higher....

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