MARCIN DEKOR Sp. z o.o. – Sp. komandytowa

The company's philosophy is simple, but therein lies its strength:

"The customer comes first."


Consistently since 1988, we have pursued a mission to create our own original products and innovative technical solutions. Our priority is high quality products and services and unlimited availability.

Objectives :

"It is not an art to sell goods once. The trick is to make the customer come back more often. That's why the measure of our company's success is customer satisfaction."

History of Marcin Dekor since 1988.

How we create collections:

As one of the few companies in the industry, we represent a creative approach to the product. We carefully select our assortment, striving to create new visual and practical quality. We have our own design office, which works on further designs and collection selection. To our credit, we have patented inventions, designs and solutions. A large part of the products in our offer are custom designed curtain rods and entire collections, which are recognized and appreciated by high-class architects and designers. We create visualizations of future products and 3D prints, which we meticulously test before ordering their production.

At the same time, we work on improving older, proven ideas to which our customers are attached. We carefully select all window arrangement systems and technical solutions, guided by the needs and voice of the market.

Why you should start cooperation with us:

We have many years of experience. We started our business in 1988, as a pioneer in the window decoration industry. For nearly 30 years we have been on a mission to create our own collections and products, as well as innovative technical solutions. Our unquestionable strengths are: original design, high quality, competitive pricing and unlimited availability.

We are a family business and do not expand our structure with dozens of management positions, so we are closer to our customers. We strive to understand their needs and meet their expectations regarding product offerings and service. We have already been trusted by hundreds of customers at home and abroad, and our loyal business partners have joined the Marcin Dekor patronage store program.

We equip our patron stores with all materials necessary to promote and sell Marcin Dekor products - pattern books, displays, advertising materials such as folders, advertising bags and many other POS.

Taking care of the company's image and brand recognition, we also cooperate with the leading publications in the interior design industry (Ambiente, Claudia - Ładnie Mieszkać, Dobre Wnętrze, M jak Mieszkanie, Moje Mieszkanie, Tak Mieszkam). On the pages of these publications, we promote the products of the Marcin Dekor brand and our commercial partners from the network of patron stores.

We guarantee regularity of deliveries to trade partners. Therefore, when planning the structure of the company, we decided to separate the headquarters located near Warsaw and two wholesale warehouses located in strategic points of Poland: in Torun and Wroclaw. Reducing the distance and appropriate location allow us to reach every store or showroom in Poland at least once a week, delivering the ordered goods. We also cooperate with shipping companies, which will deliver your urgent order as early as the next day.

One of the biggest advantages in working with us is the unlimited availability of products. When we expanded our warehouse space in 2009 (currently high storage warehouses cover 4700 m 2), it was crucial for us to have 100% availability of all the products in our offer, which is about 3000 items. As a result, we process every order for goods (not subject to additional services) almost immediately.

We have attractive loyalty programs for leading business partners

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