Blinds, shutters, curtains - how to choose the right window decorations for interiors

08 of December '21

The 3 most common window arrangement mistakes and their solutions

Windows in interiors are essential, they give the interior a unique atmosphere and provide views, but most importantly they provide light. Natural light is a source of energy for our body, mind, spirit and connectivity with the environment, and is an essential factor for healthy living. If possible, every room in your home should have windows and there are countless styles for decorating them. Decorating windows is not necessarily an easy task, but it is very rewarding. Here we have a great field of possibilities; blinds, curtains, drapes and their different types. How to choose window decorations so that they are appropriate for the interior, but also functional? Below we describe the three most common mistakes we should avoid when designing window decorations.

Żaluzje okienne lepiej niż zasłony gromadzące kurz, sprawdzą się w pokoju alergika

Window blinds work better than dust-collecting curtains in an allergy sufferer's room

© Marcin Dekor

1 Decoration vs. type of room

The primary criterion for choosing a window arrangement is the function of the room you are decorating.

Function of the room

In interiors that are exposed to water, so especially in bathrooms, you should avoid exaggerated material decorations that will inevitably absorb moisture. Rather, don't plan to use curtains there, opting instead for fabric blinds or shades. The same will be true for the kitchen, where fabrics can absorb odors. Curtains also won't necessarily work well in rooms for allergy sufferers because of the dust mites that accumulate on their surface.

Sunlight and temperature

Another important consideration is the degree of sunlight and the temperature of the room. Attics often have a tendency to heat up, so you should consider using roller blinds there equipped with special fabrics that significantly reduce the access of sunlight and protect against overheating. Here we can choose from several types of fabrics:

  • Dimout fabric will reduce the amount of light entering the room in question. The room will be much darker than if there were no curtains, but it will not be completely dark. These fabrics do not have a special layer, blocking the penetration of dawn.
  • The"silver" type fab rics are constructed in such a way that one side can be freely matched in color to the interior furnishings, and the other side is covered with a silver layer reflecting the sun's rays
  • Blackout fabrics where the woven layer is additionally covered with sunlight-impermeable rubber, if we decide to install side guides, we are able to achieve the effect of maximum darkening of the room.

Systemy automatyczne marki
Marcin Dekor mają dodatkowo te zaletę, że posiadają silniki akumulatorowe, z których można korzystać w sytuacji, gdy nie zaplanowano
w okolicy okna zasilania elektrycznego.

Marcin Dekor's automatic systems additionally have the advantage that they have rechargeable motors, which can be used in a situation where no electrical power supply is planned in the window area

© Marcin Dekor

2 Functionality of the decoration in relation to the type of window

The first guideline we should follow when looking for a suitable decoration will be the type of window.

Sloped windows

More and more often in modern designs, we opt for extensive glazing, which we also need a lot of material to cover. Such elegant curtains will often have a considerable weight. In this case, it is worth taking care of functionality. In the case of manually controlled blinds, it will certainly be difficult to close them. Here, electric curtain rod drives come to the rescue, which will relieve us from the laborious movement of heavy materials.

Dekoracje okien dachowych

Roof window decorations

© Marcin Dekor

Roof windows

Another problem will be a very high window location or, even more difficult to arrange, roof windows.

This is where fabric roller blinds, which also come in an automatic remote control version, are ideal. On the other hand, in roof windows mounted at an angle, but at low heights, manual systems of Roman blinds will pass the test best. It is also important to remember the right chain or cord, which will meet EU standards both in terms of length and security - especially if you have small children at home.

3 Incorrect measurements

So how to properly plan the installation of a curtain rod and measure the amount of curtain material?

Curtain rod

When choosing a curtain rod, remember that it should be longer than the size of the window, so that the extended curtains do not obscure the view outside the window. This distance depends to some extent on the density of the fabric, the type of crease or the sliders used. However, we can use an average parameter, that is, per 1 m of curtain - 20 cm of space. Also, the curtain rod should not be mounted too low, that is, less than 20 cm above the window recess - this will visually lower the room. Also, do not skimp on the mounting elements - if you attach too few brackets to the curtain rod, it will cause instability of the curtains or bending of the curtain rod.

Proper divisions and installation of blinds will make it easier to use.

© Marcin Dekor


It also happens that we incorrectly estimate the size of curtains. Curtains or curtains that are too long will distort the desired creases and, in the case of electric drives, will increase resistance, disrupting their functioning. When they are too short, it will emphasize the unevenness of the floor, so the space between the lower end of the curtains and the parquet floor should be from 0.5 to 3 cm. It is also important to divide the parts of the curtain fabric, which we should keep in mind when we have a balcony door.


It's also a good idea to stock up on installation problems. When installing blinds, you need to remember to keep a safe distance, and this is considered to be 30 cm for a Roman blind - remembering that this height depends on the height of the blind, the size of its folds and the width between the stiles - and about 16 cm for a 180 cm high aluminum blind and as much as 43 cm of headroom for a wooden blind of the same height.

Lack of adequate spacing can cause problems with the opening of the window sash when the blind is folded and does not fit into the lintel space. Knowing the technical aspects of installing window decorations and the mistakes to avoid, you can get on with the most pleasant things: choosing beautiful curtain fabrics, striking curtain rods or unique blinds.

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