Our plant was established in 1989 as a small family enterprise.Since then we have come a long way to one of the largest processing plants in Poland. For thirty years we have been producing marble, limestone and granite products for your needs. We are engaged in supplying material for both large buildings and orders (sacred buildings, offices,public buildings, apartment and office buildings,revitalization, etc.) and we perform orders for residential construction (window sills, stairs, floors, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, cladding, etc.). We are also a supplier of semi-finished products for other stone companies.We produce only to a specific order so that each order is approached individually. We know that behind each order there are different requirements. The machines we own allow us to process professionally and quickly carry out large orders. Our strength is our modern machinery (multi-head pass-through polishers, siding machines, computer-controlled saws, rope saws, overhead cranes, numerical centers,water clarification system , internal transport systems, packaging systems of goods for transport, etc.), which allows us to create a high quality product.We are constantly increasing our production capacity.For example, in 2010 we launched an Italian tile production line of Pedrini company.We introduced 60×60 cm tiles from Świętokrzyskie marbles. In 2019 we launched a 12-head slab (slab) polishing line. We have increased our product production capacity by leaps and bounds.As one of the few plants in Poland, we process domestic marble from scratch (we mine and grind the blocks). From Polish materials we process Morawica stone, Bolechowice , Pińczów limestone Crema Poland and green serpentinite and travertine from Działoszyn. We are the largest manufacturer of Polish marble products ( the so-called Kielce marbles). And the appropriate use of machinery by professional staff means that our marbles do not differ in quality from those imported from other countries and are often better.In our offer we have materials from Italy, India, Greece, Spain, China, Africa and other countries.But our specialty remains Polish materials.A stronger and stronger position is gained by the Chinese materials in our offer - attractive in price, quality not differing from the much more expensive competition from other countries.We cooperate on the Chinese market with one of the largest suppliers. We own a deposit of light limestone - Pińczów limestone, this well-known and appreciated stone is an excellent decorative material (sculptures, facades, fencing elements) Used since the tenth century is often found in historic buildings.The only exploited deposits of it are located in the vicinity of Pinczow and hence its name.

At the request of customers, we offer full service from metering through color selection and production to installation and maintenance during use. In the warehouse there are constantly several thousand square meters of floor tiles for large orders, in the yard there are several hundred slabs of foreign marbles for sale to partners in the industry or for individual orders. For regular customers discounts.

We are open to cooperation.Our attributes are stone from our own Polish deposits and carefully selected material from around the world at affordable prices.Our staff with many years of experience in the work will advise on how to choose the right material and see to the proper implementation.We have the largest warehouse in Poland of Kielce marbles.Marble tiles from Polish marbles is a significant section of our production.

We own the deposits:

Pińczów limestone "Italy I"
Morawica limestone "Orla Mountain"
Gołuchów limestone -Crema
You are welcome to visit us from 8.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday, on Saturdays until 14.00.Our staff will advise, help in the selection of species, create a preliminary cost estimate in several variants.If you are interested - call, email or visit us.We will try to help. Marbles , granites and limestone have no secrets for us.

Our production includes, among others :

floor and cladding tiles
window sills
bathroom and kitchen countertops
garden architecture
natural stone paving blocks
masonry stone
equipment of sacral buildings (altars, pulpits, baptismal fonts, etc.)
slabs (slabs) for other stone companies
cutting and polishing services
installation services
turning of columns
fireplace elements
Our company is a member of an industry organization - the Polish Stonemasonry Association.

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