MEGA ANDREA Andrzej Trybus, firma handlowo-usługowa

MegaAndrea trade and service company was founded in 2015. Its establishment was a consequence of the founder's many years of work in the welding industry and his experience in building steel structures in Poland and abroad. The experience gained, determination and a knack for working with steel allowed him to establish his own company and implement his own ideas and projects.

The highest quality of the materials used in production, which we purchase from reliable suppliers, short lead times, aesthetic and accurate installation, as well as honesty in business dealings generate an increase in the number of orders and satisfied customers, and work on expanding the offer shows that the company is developing in the right direction.

Ascale sinters - the ideal solution for countertops, furniture and cladding
Versati heat pumps by GREE - efficient and economical home heating or cooling
Green roofs by ZIDA