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Bicycle shelters and canopies

28 of November '19

MegaAndrea specializes in the production of bicycle shelters and canopies. For production we use the highest quality materials, which are purchased from reliable suppliers. We execute orders reliably within a short timeframe. Honesty and flexibility in business dealings generate a continuous increase in the number of orders and satisfied customers, and working to expand our offer shows that the company is developing in the right direction.

The bicycle is an increasingly popular means of transportation, with more and more employees commuting to work by bicycle, and more and more customers choosing a bicycle over a car or bus. There is a need to shield bicycles from adverse weather conditions, hence the demand for bicycle canopies. These types of structures are placed on housing estates, in front of schools, offices, as well as at malls and shopping centers. We offer ready-made solutions, however, at the request of the client and according to his design, we can make a bicycle shelter in any size and with any built-in side walls.

The structures are made of galvanized steel profiles, while the walls are made of solid polycarbonate, chambered polycarbonate, tempered glass, perforated sheet metal, tin panels or wood.

When ordering a gazebo from our company, you can simultaneously purchase equipment for it, such as stands or a set equipped with benches and trash garbage cans. Such solutions are often found in Park&Ride transfer stations.

Sheds fit into any type of development, are aesthetically pleasing and striking.

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Bicycle racks and bulletin board

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We also make and install gazebos, trash shelters and outdoor smoking rooms. We also produce elements of small urban architecture, including park benches, trash garbage cans, bicycle stands and bulletin boards.

We work with architects and designers, and carry out difficult and challenging projects. We are not afraid of new and non-standard challenges. We offer preferential business terms, short deadlines and high quality. Let's talk about your needs. We will help you choose the best solution.

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