REGULUS-system Wójcik sp. j.

REGULUS-system Wójcik Spółka Jawna is a Polish manufacturer engaged in the production of central heating radiators.

The company, which has been in business since 2000, expands its offer year after year with new solutions, which are characterized by high innovation, aesthetics and distinctive utility values.

All major trade groups in Poland, dealing with heating technology, have products bearing the REGULUS-system brand in the basket of offered products.
These products are eagerly used, among others, in the design of modern, energy-efficient buildings, where, in addition to aesthetics and functionality, easy controllability and economy of the heating process combined with high thermal comfort come to the fore.

The REGULUS-system brand is on the third place in terms of recognition and purchase preferences (according to the ranking of Budujemy Dom magazine).

In addition to a well-developed sales network throughout the country, the company exports its products to more than a dozen EU, European and Asian countries, successfully competing with the giants of the heating industry.

The company's products, divided into three groups distinguished according to their location, form a unified system of heat distribution in terms of the dynamics of operation:

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