SUEZ Izolacje Budowlane Sp. z o.o.

We are experts in the construction industry, present on the market for more than 10 years. We comprehensively and professionally deal with the subject of waterproofing in buildings. As a reliable, open-minded, constantly developing company, we create new standards in the field of waterproofing.

Consciously raising the profile of insulation in the construction industry through responsible and synergistic action within the company - this is the slogan that guides us every day.

Trust is the basis of our actions. We believe that trust in ourselves, builds our customers' trust in us. It is the employees who have a real impact on the development of the company, performing functions that are tailored to their individual potentials and energies. We strive to create a friendly and safe work environment where everyone feels equal and respected. On a daily basis, we share knowledge and experience by supporting each other in carrying out specific tasks and functions. We build awareness that being a member of a team, through involvement in various tasks and projects, gives a sense of responsibility for the company and its continuous development. We make sure to build a sense that the team we create is a place where you want to work, create, act and be, staying in harmony with each other and with your values.

We are general distributors of many well-known brands such as TOPWET, Icopal, PCI, Botament, Bornit, Bostik and others. We deliver our products from 1 piece to whole pallets. We select products to be both effective and easy to apply. We are always happy to answer any post-sale problems and concerns. All the products we offer are proven materials that meet quality standards.

Above all, we put quality first - both the products and the consulting services we offer. Thanks to many years of experience, we have become specialists who have already been trusted by a wide range of customers. Efficient and professional approach to each entrusted task is our priority. Structured cooperation with investors and contractors is the basis of the entire sales process.

Using our services and choosing from a wide range of products offered by us, customers receive, in addition to quality - innovative solutions. The ratio of price, to the quality of our goods, is another asset of our work. We offer effective solutions at a favorable price.

Our stock of insulation products allows us to respond quickly to your needs. We respond flexibly to your expectations.

We cooperate with architects, investors and contractors by providing technical assistance and developing guidelines for insulation of difficult places.

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