Systema Polska Sp. z o.o.

Systema Group

Systema Polska Sp. z o.o. was founded in 1998 as a commercial branch of the Italian Systema SpA group. Currently, it is the main production line of the Systema group while conducting commercial activities in Poland and Europe.

Systema Poland developing its products in HVAC Segment, especially in heating technology - infrared heating, blow heating and ventilation.

The result of many years of experience and product development, thanks to the company's R&D department, based on the principle of infrared heating are the latest models of infrared radiant heaters, radiant belts.

The portfolio in the area of infrared heating consists of gas-fired air heaters, heating and ventilation units including Roof-tops, and a range of complementary products such as mounting supports, mixing chambers, and inlet ducts.

Systema's products are dedicated to heating and ventilation in medium- and large-scale buildings, i.e. production halls, logistics centers, sports facilities, or churches.

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