TOSHIBA is a leading company in HVAC solutions. Its history in the air conditioning industry dates back to 1930, when it developed the first hermetic compressor in its home market - Japan. Five years later, it created its first air conditioner in a portable design. Subsequent milestones in the company's history were in 1961 - the world's first Split-type air conditioner; 1967 - Japan's first rotary compressor for an air conditioner; 1980 - the world's first residential inverter air conditioner (shown in the photo); 2001 - the world's first to produce a commercial air conditioner using a DC rotary inverter compressor (for R410A refrigerant); 2004 - produced the first VRF system, the Super Modular Multi System for R410A refrigerant; 2010 - developed the highest capacity dual-rotary DC compressor; 2015 - introduced the next generation of SMMS series-e systems, and a year later released the fully inverter 3-pipe VRF system with heat recovery of the SHRMe generation. Recent years have seen the introduction of a whole range of room and commercial units based on operation on environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant.

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